This would be among the last of Hacker's games before they gave up trying to beat Nintendo at their own game. Released around late 1991, it exceeds all possible expectations for lameness and quality of porno.

From the moment you open up the box and feast your eyes on the cartridge label, your appetite is whetted for the ultimate in unlicensed, unabashed ultra-porno festivities. And isn't that - oh mah God - the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom flying into my arms on the label? Does she want to do more than just thank Mario for saving her this time around? Will this game show us what the cartoon show and comics couldn't dare to show?

Well, not really. This game, in fact, is another incarnation of an extremely popular game among NES freaks, one so well known that it is, indeed, one of the true classics of our console. Scroll down to discover the shocking secret...


Oh no, it's Menace Beach! With Color Dreams' original cart, its rerelease in Sunday Funday and its rererelease in the Maxi-15 multicart, what may be the worst "made with pride in the USA" game ever now may be the most rereleased NES game ever!

The only changes in this game are graphic ones. Although Hacker laid the Princess upon our eyes in the label, the game itself doesn't feature her. Instead it seems that Marilyn Monroe has quit her day job of being dead and joined the Skateboard Police to become a "Super LA Cop", along the way defeating kung-fu dudes, guys in T-shirts and the sumo wrestlers from the original game.

The biggest change is seen in the graphics between levels. In the original we got to enjoy the hero's girlfriend's clothes slowly falling off; Miss Peach World does away with pleasantries and gives us the standard Hacker frame-by-frame porno. We're also given some Japanese dialogue written out in alphabet for some reason ('What's taking you so long? Hurry up and get over here!'). What the game's ending reveals will have to remain a mystery for now.

I got introduced to this game by a Japanese dude, and I then recognized it as Menace Beach and showed him the above page from this site. His response was: "You know, I didn't think this was made by a Japanese company.."

thx: mizuyan, Mania-X