Ultimate Unauthorized Nintendo Game Strategies (1-4)
Length: ~300 pages
From: Corey Sandler and Tom Badgett/Bantam Books, 1989-92

Ultimate Unauthorized Nintendo Game Strategies 2
Ultimate Unauthorized Nintendo Classic Game Strategies (#4)

Ad copy: ".. 60 more hot games for the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Nintendo Game Boy. The first book-length reviews of the new Game Boy games.." (pretty uninspiring)

All four books in the series (as well as one or two Game Boy books) are gigantic volumes, usually somewhere between 200 and 350 pages. They cover a ton of games, including unlicensed ones (something you don't usually see, for although these books are 'unauthorized', Nintendo does give the authors review materials for the book). Also, all four books have really cool covers, as you can see. I need scans of the other 2 books in the series badly!

Unfortunately, problems arise once you actually open the book. Although all the books cover at least 30 games, most of the "reviews" are nothing but retellings of the instruction manual. Very little of what can be described as "tips" are actually dispersed, and there's also very little of what can be described as "humor". Also, except for the fourth book, the screenshots are of really low quality (they used PC-based screen grabber hardware.. back in the late 80's when the technology was still pretty crap). Still, this series is one to look for, pick up, thumb through, then put on the shelf. Hell, good enough for me!

Thanx: John Basener