How to Win at Nintendo (1-4)
Length: ~160 pages
From: Jeff Rovin/St.Martin's Press, 1989-92

Version 2
Version 3
How to Win at Nintendo Games 2
How to Win at Nintendo Games 3
How to Win at Nintendo Games 4
The Best of How to Win at Nintendo Games

Ad Copy:"..a must-have for every true Nintendo fan. With Jeff Rovin's help, you'll soon be the best and baddest, conquering the most awesome Nintendo games the world has ever known!"

The truth: Although I hate to admit it, the How to Win at Nintendo series sold over 4 million books.. Jeff Rovin is kind of a "hack" writer; do a search for him on and you'll turn up over a hundred entries - everything from one-off trivia and joke books, to an unauthorized biography of Elizabeth Taylor.

Although he was truly a trailblazer in hint books, inventing the method of having kids of friends of his play the games and letting himself write about it, Rovin's books really are not fun to read at all. The main problem is that they're all cheap, and from a distance look pretty much the same as a paperback sci-fi book. The books contain hundreds of boring, text-filled pages, with not a single picture - it's all nothing but "turn left here, shoot the falcon, then jump up" stuff from start to finish.

Probably the only reason why this series sold so well was that, because of the mass-market paperback format, the books went for around four bucks each. As a result, you find these books in thrift stores pretty often (a good or bad thing, depending on how you think about it).