- Meet the AGH Staff -

Les Caron
Les Caron is the man who dresses up AGH, and boy, is the page ready to dance! His amazing skills in computer graphics design is plainly evident by the exceptional animated gifs, 3-D texture images and colorful logos (and you haven't seen anything yet, trust us). Les was also the victor of the Belgonet animated gif contest and won the coveted Belgonet homepage award as well. If not for his involvement, AGH could very well be a wasteland with a bunch of text files and jpg's scans.

As Belgium's number one Atari freak, he has owned everything from a 2600 to a 1040STE to his current fave, the Jaguar. He's a veteran in computer-aided design from the days of using his ST computer, and was formerly the webmaster of Gamewire, an online gaming site. Les also used to run Jag-@-Zine, which had recently been integrated as part of AGH.

Les is an avid fan of racing games (Gran Turismo is his current fave) and his legendary racing skills has caused his countrymen to call him "Thierry Boutsen with good looks."

Keita Iida
Currently residing in Silicon Valley (California) but raised in Tokyo and Los Angeles, Keita Iida was introduced to the wonderful world of videogaming when he stumbled upon a Space Invaders machine sometime in the late 1970s. Since that time, he has been an avid gaming fanatic and videogame collector who has attended numerous trade shows (including all E3's) and has acquired most systems on the day of its release.

Keita's involvement in videogames is not restricted to AGH or in the classic gaming arena. He work at NVIDIA Corporation, the leading 3D graphics chip technology company. Prior to that he was at VM Labs, the company behind the NUON technology which powered a number of interactive DVD-video machines from Toshiba, Samsung and others. He is also part of Digital Press, the leading publication best known for its video game collector's guides, and was a contributing writer at ActionZone, a former online videogame magazine. In addition, he has organized the World of Atari '98 and Classic Gaming Expo conventions. He has also contributed to Phoenix: The Fall And Rise Of Videogames , Supercade - A Visual History of the Videogame Age 1971-1984, and Nazo No Game Makyo (a Japanese book), three of the definitive books on the history of electronic entertainment. His hobbies include Golf, Kendo (a martial art, '92 national champ), movies and videogames, of course!

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