• Not only is #RGVC a place to gather around and chat about videogames, it's also home to some of the wackiest, coolest and most comical individuals around. Check out some of the festivities that have taken place on the channel, as well as a few practical jokes and humorous antics displayed by the members of #RGVC.

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    - #RGVC'ers In The News -
    #RGVC Drive-by -- May, 2005
    Rubbertoe (Robert Batina) proves #rgvc members can be just as hard core as Tupac as he manages to get involved in a drive-by shooting.


    Loveline #RGVC Style -- July 24th, 2006
    Move over Dr. Drew and Adam Carolla, Kalla talks about the intricacies of having a meaningful relationship with two women - at the same time.

    Lubing Your Modem -- May, 2005
    The always helpful Mercster provides advise to a newbie having dial-up connection problems. Will lube and tin foil do the trick? Read on to find out

    Insane cleaner and the New Order filth -- December 29, 2002
    JacksonC, Eppy, and Wgungfu have lots of fun discussing cleaning methods with a very stable individual named Gelfling. Suddenly things take a turn for the worse....

    VideoLez -- January, 2000
    Steempy and Otaku take center stage as they share their love affair of lesbians.

    RealSports IRC'ing -- January, 2000
    Our resident classic gaming experts engage in a round table discussion regarding the RealSports series of games.

    God Damn Sony!!!! -- December, 1999
    Check out why FrknAtari refuses to buy any modern video game items. After reading his convincing explanation, maybe you shouldn't either. He sure made converts out of Steempy, MrMaddog, MrNES and Nug.

    Consoles are better than sex because..... -- May, 1997
    Since I wasn't there to participate, here's mine -- Because consoles don't need to change their pads every (gaming) period.

    Going Back to Calli..... I Don't Think So -- April, 1997
    NOTE! This is NOT how most newcomers are treated, but this girl was too hard to resist!

    10-Year-Old Tries His Hand At Custer's Revenge -- March, 1997
    Check out Ethan Hunt's comments after attempting to play Custer's Revenge. Guess he won't understand the gist of the game until the year 2005 :)

    Sega Mastersystem? Whassat??? -- January, 1997
    Attention, "Classical gamers" everywhere! An 8-bit Sega machine exists! Read on as a know-it-all explains to us the ins 'n outs of a system not known to exist. Until now!
    When you're finished with reading the log, Click here to read the newsgroup posting which culminated from this enlightening discussion.

    Ladybug -- December, 1996
    A newbie (nice, but still a newbie) makes a newbie goof.

    Down and Dirty Names! -- December, 1996
    Check out an #rgvc log where all the guys got together for some namings of explicit parodies of classic gaming titles. It started innocently enough but quickly became faster and more intense! For a quick glance at a list of the better titles that were brought up by our comedians, Click here. And then e-mail me with your votes on what you think was the funniest title from the #rgvc explicit naming contest and we'll have the results on this page as soon as we get enough participants!

    - The "PAP" smear -

  • Due to requests by many within #rgvc, we bring you a compilation of Paul Allen Panks' (PAP, a.k.a. "dunric") greatest posts. This is still ongoing, so stay tuned right here, folks.
  • This is interesting.... -- May 20, 2003
    Honest, it is! Get caught up on the life of dunric the past 8 years

    (Very) eligible hunk looking for one lucky wife -- May 21, 2003
    Who could pass up the opportunity to lock arms with the PAP-smear himself??

    dunric's ringing endorsement of #rgvc -- May 26, 2003
    Paul Allen Panks loves #rgvc sooo much that he can't help himself from singing words of praise about the IRC channel to the folks in the rec.games.video.classic USENET newsgroup. We love you too, PAPster!
    (not a log)

    #wfpc is the place to go! -- May 26, 2003
    "The rev0lution is here, #rgvc is old hat, so try something fun, new and interesting: #wfpc!"

    "Should I Be Wary Of This?" -- June 24, 2003
    Dunric needs advice on a hottie from Russia

    Do normal women exist? -- June 24, 2003

    Dunric's Letter To Pier 1 -- June 26, 2003
    How could Pier 1 do this to their employees! Time to boycott them for running such a sweatshop!

    Dunric Kicked Out Of Mommy's Home? -- June 26, 2003
    How can Ms. Panks do such a think to poor PAP-smear???

    #RGVC - Don't Go There -- June 27, 2003
    Well, with Paul no longer around, maybe #rgvc is not worth bothering anymore.

    Dunric Apologizes -- June 28, 2003
    Wait.. never mind. It's great! #RGVC - Go There.


    #RGVC Trivia Contest #1 -- July, 1996
    A summary of the first (and thus far only) #rgvc trivia contest.


    The Two Stooges -- April, 1999
    Thumbs up to those who can actually follow the conversation.

    Doing Drugs Or Masturbating? Hmmmmmm.... -- March, 1997
    A guy by the nick "Atari2600" refuses to bop the baloney with the rest of us... Party pooper! :-)

    Speculator Alert! Speculator Alert! -- March, 1997
    "Hawk9" (aka. "Gormadoc), a speculator/investor/antique dealer in all sorts of collectibles and antiques, tries to blend in with the gang. You probably have an idea of what comes next, but read on anyways.

    Totally Clueless -- December, 1996
    A teen jumps on and educates us on the who, what, why and how of videogames.

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