From: Paul Allen Panks (
Subject: An apology to #rgvc 
Date: 2003-06-28 00:24:51 PST 

Dear members of #rgvc (the irc channel ):

I sincerely apologize for disagreeing with your logic and for
insulting you all on in May and June of 2003.
Since I wasn't happy with the way i was being treat, I incorrectly
took this issue to when I should have taken it
to the email. I sincerely apologize and hope this is not something
you/others hold against me.

Please unban me when you feel the reasons for this posts are legitate
and non-angered.



From: Jay Tilton (
Subject: Re: An apology to #rgvc 
Date: 2003-06-28 02:45:00 PST (Paul Allen Panks) wrote:

: Dear members of #rgvc ( the irc channel ):


The thing is that channel members have gauged that your entire raison
d'etre is to get attention from anybody by any means.  Tactics for
achieving that have included inane ramblings, accusations of evil
intent, and confrontation.  As well, you tend to pivot wildly between
sociability and sociopathy.

The channel members are normally an easy-going lot, but you still
managed to push all the right buttons to get yourself booted for being
irritating and disruptive.  Since then, you have continued to irritate
by sending private messages to anybody in the channel.  The messages
toggle between "please unban me" and "fuck you" with complete

Why would you do that?  All you have accomplished is to degrade
others' regard for yourself from mere dislike to active hatred, while
reinforcing your own opinion that everybody else is an asshole.

You profess to be a Christian.  Would a Christian seek to provoke
conflict?  Ignore Max.  Ignore Chuck.  Ignore anybody who says unkind
things about you.  They cannot harm you unless you let them.

But that's no easy feat, is it?  By your very nature, you are
incapable of ignoring any receieved attention.

Your sincerity is in doubt.  Nobody is convinced that this is not a
ploy to get a chance to do more trolling.  The channel members have no
reason to believe you will not become disruptive again, no reason to
believe your company is at all desirable, and no reason to lift the

Bluntly, don't hold your breath.  Feel free to start up a channel that
is what you believe #rgvc should have been, but don't fool yourself
into believing that its existence is an attack on #rgvc or its