JAWA: heh
Amazin: hey guys
|Nate: back
|Nate: hey amazin
Amazin: hey nate, how'z it goin' ?
JAWA: hey
Amazin: where's the fat japanese???
|Nate: what?
Amazin: keita
Amazin: he's not that fat
|Nate: right under you
|Nate: i didn't say he was
|Nate: you said that?
Amazin: i said what ?
|Nate: that he's fat
Amazin: ah
Amazin: check the Con's page
Amazin: he wasn't that fat...
|Nate: con's page?
Gaspode_T: this has been about the most absurd 
   20 lines of irc I have ever seen ;)

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