FrknAtari: Long live Turbo-Grafx 16 and Atari Jaguar
MrNES: But, those are dead :)
FrknAtari: I play the classics
FrknAtari: Yeah
_nug_: Well your classics.
Steempy: Long live my boner
MrNES: Mine too
_nug_: Long live the scrotum.
_nug_: And the hairs under the testicles.
FrknAtari: Man
MrNES: and the "wee beasties" that hang out "below 
   the equator"
FrknAtari: Every conversation in this channel goes 
   sexual at one point or another
Steempy: Yeah, you perverted bastards
MrNES: So anyway, Frank
MrNES: Why don't you play newer games?
Steempy: Keep it decent
Steempy: Frk: How about that River Raid, eh?
FrknAtari: Because the market makes me ill
FrknAtari: Over here
MrNES: Steempy: is my case of herpes "decent"
FrknAtari: We've got Game Boy Color
MrNES: Where are you located? North Pole?
FrknAtari: Monopoly of handheld market
Steempy: NES: Is it scorching, and do you have your 
   father's gun?
FrknAtari: I mean the market
FrknAtari: Pokemon hype to make you sick to death
Steempy: My pole's pointing due north at the moment
MrNES: It burns when I urinate
Steempy: north
FrknAtari: And We've got Playstation
MrNES: PlayStation = a-ok
Steempy: Stop pissing on your lighter then
MrNES: No lighter
FrknAtari: Sony stealing the SNES CD Project and selling 
   it as their own
MrNES: Red Spots all over my rod!
FrknAtari: Nintendo 64
FrknAtari: I hate the freaking commercials
_nug_: That's the most ridiculous grudge I've ever heard
FrknAtari: Could they get any more corny
_nug_: I won't buy anymore video games because the Coleco 
   Super Game Adapter never game out
_nug_: I will never be swindled again!
MrNES: hahah
MrMaddog: Frkn: Sony was willing to go ahead with the 
   Playstation/SNES project, but Nintendo kept jerking 
   them by going back to Phillips
_nug_: Gimmie my RCA Studio 2 and a 61 inch TV!
*** calamari has joined #rgvc
Steempy: heh
MrNES: Frank: Sony isn't the "bad guy" in that deal, 
   champ :)
calamari: re
FrknAtari: Sony was looking for an excuse to leave
MrNES: yo, cala
calamari: hi steempy , hi nes
Steempy: hey squidley
MrNES: Frank: you're wrong :)
FrknAtari: And steal the thing to sell as their own
FrknAtari: Is that so
MrNES: Yes yes
FrknAtari: Sony screwed them
FrknAtari: That's a fact
MrNES: um, no
FrknAtari: I can face it
MrNES: ?
FrknAtari: Maybe you can't
_nug_: Yeah, and the holocaust never happened either.
phatkat: i need a nintendo!
MrNES: Didnt!?!!?!?!
* MrNES loves idiocy
calamari: phat: no you need a nintendo...
calamari: you NEED a 5200
MrNES: and i'm not talking to you, nug :)
phatkat: i need nintendo
calamari: hi nug_get
_nug_: I won't buy a 5200 because Atari never released 
   the MindLink!
_nug_: What LIARS!
_nug_: Bastards!
calamari: nug: byte me
*** MrTube has joined #RGVC
Steempy: Release the hounds
calamari: hi flamesound
Steempy: hey Tubesteak
_nug_: And the name of the Atari Touch-Me!  What scandal!
_nug_: How could you support a company with such filthy 
   brand names!
MrMaddog: "I am not getting any game system because in 
   five years they'll come out with something that would 
   make mine obsolete!"
MrTube: hi
FrknAtari: Are you guys still trying to be funny
calamari: nug: im not supporting the company.. I buy 
   only used equip
MrNES: Frank: no of course not
Steempy: <- is playing his Nintendo Fellatio Boy right 
_nug_: I will not buy the 7800 because Atari FAILED to 
   deliver on the PROMISES of the Cosmos!
MrNES: Steempy: I tried to get one but they were sold out
MrNES: Steempy: where'd you get yours?
calamari: steempy: it is two player interactive?
MrNES: I tried Toys R us and they were fresh out
Steempy: Yeah, they're pretty popular
_nug_: He's going to take out Ralph Baer David Chapman 
FrknAtari: Yes keep trying to be funny, somebody might 
Steempy: cal: Can be, if you have the right hookups
Steempy: NES: I got it at the Capitol building, has the 
   presidential seal on it, limited edition
MrNES: Frank: sounds like you need to play the Nintendo 
   Fellatio Boy a little, and RELAX :)
FrknAtari: Fellatio boy
FrknAtari: What the heck is that
MrMaddog: Would you believe that I can't even find a 
   Jaguar at Toys 'R Us?  They have Dreamcasts but never 
   a Jaguar...not even at a "crash" price :)
_nug_: I refuse to buy the Fellatio boy because Knoix 
   never released the MultiSystem
calamari: fnkn: we'll tell you in 10 yrs when you are 
   older ;)
Steempy: You must be one of the three people in the US 
   that hasn't seen the ad campaign
MrNES: Frank: when you take Sex Ed in 6th grade, I'll 
   tell you
MrNES: Until then, sorry :/
calamari: hahah nes
Steempy: Haven't you heard about those controversial 
   ads for the Fellatio Boy with Alyssa Milano?
FrknAtari: Nug have you just not noticed yet that 
Steempy: Sort of similar to the "Got Milk?" posters
MrNES: Frank: everyone but you, champ
_nug_: I'm laughing at you though.
FrknAtari: Yeah
FrknAtari: Sure
MrMaddog: Well "I" am...
calamari: nug: continue on .. no problems here :)
FrknAtari: You're only saying that now to back up your 
   little buddy
_nug_: I just need to get more material from his 
MrTube: man i hope jacksonc come son tonight
calamari: but..... I gotta run..voyager is coming on 
   in 2 minutes :)
MrNES: peace, cala
MrMaddog: Bye cala
_nug_: I refuse to watch voyager because Nintendo 
   failed to uphold my Virtual Boy warranty
MrNES: Frank: are you joking, or ignorant? :)
*** calamari has quit IRC (Beam me up Scotty! cya 
FrknAtari: Neither
MrNES: I refuse to stop masturbating because my 
   Virtual Boy isn't in full color
FrknAtari: But you and your little buddies fit both 
   the first and the latter
Steempy: I refuse to vote for Winston Churchill because 
   I believe in the Tory party
MrMaddog: I would rather play a 32X then watch Voyager 
Steempy: NES: I just refuse to stop masturbating on 
   general principles
_nug_: I refuse to cease importing Japanese Bukkake 
   videos because I couldn't import a Gamemate from 
FrknAtari: Answer me one question do you guys actually 
   think you're funny
FrknAtari: Cause
FrknAtari: Well
MrNES: Nothing like waking up into a pool of your own 
FrknAtari: You're just not
_nug_: I refuse to think I'm funny because Atari never 
   released the JagVR helmet
MrMaddog: Yes...I 'do' think I'm funny!  hehehe...
MrNES: Frank: I'm not!?
FrknAtari: No
MrNES: I refuse to believe that
_nug_: You're not funny because NEC didn't have a 
   TurboGrafx booth at the 1994 Winter CES
MrNES: Oh man
MrNES: That's IT!
FrknAtari: 5 of you together against me for ten minutes 
   can't squeak out one funny joke
Steempy: I refuse to pitch a tent during "baywatch" 
   because David Hasslehoff refuses to release a Chemical 
   Brothers remix of the theme song
FrknAtari: Oh great
MrNES: This whole thing is a funny joke, sport
Eppy: frnk: we need funny lessons.  please demonstrate.
MrMaddog: I wanna play Missle Command from Hasbro 
   Interactive... but since they wouldn't come out with 
   the Jag VR helment for the game, I won't
FrknAtari: Here comes more sad attempts to look funny 
   and cool in front of your sad little online buddies
_nug_: I want to empty my colostomy bag, but because 
   Color Dreams never released Hellraiser for the NES 
   I'll let it fester until the sack bursts all over my 
Steempy: I refuse to eat artichoke leaves becase I'm 
   sad and online and have no friends and haven't known 
   the pleasures of a woman in months
MrNES: I refuse to stop masturbating in front of the TV 
   since David Hasselfhoff never released a Nintendo 
Eppy: frnk: if you don't like the company, feel free to 
FrknAtari: This is sad
FrknAtari: You are all sad
FrknAtari: Bye
*** FrknAtari has quit IRC (They said it couldn't be 
   done. I proved them wrong on three occasions. 
   Chances a)

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