Rob Adair (Larcen)

Hatching Date

1980 April 11

Hatching Place

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Nesting Site

Boston, Massachusetts, USA


Bunker Hill Community College/Computer Sciences, Visual Programming


Video games, music, writing, anime

Member Of #RGVC Since

Early 2003

Favorite Games

Modern: Time Crisis series, Resident Evil series, Fear Effect series
Classic: Pole Position, Hang-On (arcade), Dark Chambers (7800), Zillion (SMS)

Favorite System

Atari 7800

What Systems I Own And Collect For

Atari 2600
Atari 7800
Super NES
Game Boy Color
Game Boy Advance
Nintendo 64
Sega Genesis/SMS (I own a Power Base converter :) )

How Many Games I Own For Each System

Too many to list!

How Long I've Been Actively Collecting


Possessions In My Collection I'm Most Proud Of

Boxed Dark Chambers for Atari 7800

One Game Or System/Item That I'd Love To Obtain Someday

Commando, Double Dragon, or Kung-Fu Master (all for the Atari 7800)

Other Tidbits/Comments

Being a collector isn't as easy as it looks. It takes time, patience, and a damn good supply of money! Fortunately, I'm working on it, but it sure ain't easy!

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