Michael Andra (WizardWOR)
a.k.a. - Wiz-O-W0r, Murrlin

Michael Andra

Hatching Date

1964 (unofficial Olde Farte of #rgvc :)

Hatching Place

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Nesting Site

near S. St. Louis, but in Illinois

Member Of #RGVC Since

April 1997

Favorite Games

Arcade: Bubble Bobble (tho I never got to play it as much as at home and more recently...), Bad Dudes, The Glob/Beastie Feastie, Intrepid, Black Tiger, Mappy (rules!), Circus Charlie, Continental Circuit, Do! RunRun, Donkey Kong Jr., Krazy Kong (memories :), Fire Truck, Gondomania, Heavy Barrel, Ice Climber, I Robot, Temple of Doom ("acid indegestion"), Kangaroo, Leprechaun, Reactor (mmm!), Marble Madness (2nd level music!), Mr. Do!, Pinball Action, QBert, Space Ace, Quartet (NOT '2'), Roc n Rope, Tron (!!), Vanguard ('hahahahaha KEEP QUIET' :), Zoo Keeper, Wizard of WOR (see Bubble Bobble), SolaR Warrior (went great with TidBits and Orange Crush on a Sunday morning :).
* Those are for STARTERS ... hehe

Favorite System

mmm... tough one... Colecovison, SNES, VCS, Genesis (in about that order.)

What Systems I Own And Collect For

VCS/7800, CV, Gen, NES, SNES, PSX

How Many Games I Own For Each System

Forget it... I'll let you know when I find that damn list... :(

How Long I've Been Actively Collecting

Define 'collecting'... as in stuff that's now referred to as 'classic'? Well I've owned VCS and CV games since 1982. I've had a Pong or two and couple other pre-VCS games before then. Got a Merlin during my 1977 Family Reunion. And have been getting Gen/SNES/NES/PSX stuff since 1993 and 94

Possessions In My Collection I'm Most Proud Of

Secret of Mana (snes), Phantasy Star 4 (gen), Kirby (nes), all my Game Genies :) especially the one I got with the NES from a co-worker, hmm what else...
The 7800 with games from TedB and swkerly (thanks yous' guys!) tho I haven't used those much so far... The C-128D and the FD2000 from CMD (doh! computers don't count, do they? :)...

Other Tidbits/Comments

...space for rent :] ...

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