Martin Goldberg (wgungfu)

Martin Goldberg

Hatching Date

1971 March 24

Hatching Place

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Nesting Site


Member Of #RGVC Since

February 2001

Favorite Games

Centipede and Tron (arcade), Zaxxon and Mouse Trap (ColecoVision)

Favorite System

Tie between Atari 2600, ColecoVision and Vectrex

What Systems I Own And Collect For

Changes all the time. Currently:
Pong Consoles:
Odyssey 300 (boxed)
Odyssey 4000 (boxed)
DMS (Boxed)
Atari Ultra Pong Doubles (boxed)
Radio Shack Scoreboard handhelds (boxed)
Coleco Telstar Alpha (boxed)

Programmable Consoles:
Atari 2600 - 6 switched boxed (1978)
6 switch loose (in woodgrain Atari storage bin)
two 4 switch woodgrain loose
4 switch darth vader (boxed)
Shitload of accessories
Intellivision I, with Intellivoice
Odyssey2 - two, both boxed.
Colecovision - with super controllers, Atari expansion, original Colecovision Dust Cover.
Vectrex - two, one MIB. MIB 3D goggles as well.
Atari 5200 - boxed 4 port model, also have 7 working joysticks.
NES with lightgun
Atari 7800 (boxed)
Atari Lynx (boxed)
Gameboy (with carrying case and power adaptor)
Gameboy Color (with all the fixings)
Atari Jaguar (2 of them both boxed, plus 2 boxed CD units, mint av cord, mint cd memory track)
Neo Geo Pocket Color (mib, with all the fixings)

IMSAI 8080 with pennywhistle accoustic modem
Atari 400 (mib)
Atari 400 with keyboard modification
Atari 800 (810 disk drive, 850 interface, 830 accoustic modem CX85 Keypad)
Atari 1200XL (boxed)
Atari 600XL (boxed)
Atari 800XL (boxed) - plus 1050 drive (boxed), 1010 program recorder (boxed), 1027 Printer (boxed)
Atari 130 XE (boxed)
Atari 520ST - 2 SF354 disk drive, St color monitor, SX212 modem (boxed)
Atari Portfolio (boxed, with power supply, and PC Card Drive (boxed)
Vic 20
Commodore 64 (boxed) - 2 1540 drives (one with modifications) & 2 1701 monitors
Commodore 128 (boxed) - 1571 drive (boxed)
Apple II+ - Two of them, one a 16K model with pascal card. The other with 48k, serial card and applecat modem
Apple IIE - Two of them, 4 drives each, serial card in each. One with 128K Blue Mountain ram extension and mouse card
Apple IIGS - With IIGS monitor, IIGS 5 1/4" drive, and IIGS 3 1/2" drive
Apple Macintosh (original 1985 fatmac), with profile drive

Plus more stuff all the time.

I collect for everything, including handhelds.

How Many Games I Own For Each System

Never sat down and counted really. Probably 150 Atari 2600 games, a good 30 or so 7800 games, 27 Jag games, 15 Lynx, 30 ColecoVision, 14 Vectrex games, 40 handhelds. Lots of computer games. Numbers change all the time of course

How Long I've Been Actively Collecting

A lot of the stuff I had from still a kid, but actively collecting since '98

Possessions In My Collection I'm Most Proud Of

Everything that's fun and brings a smile to my face each time I play it

Other Tidbits/Comments

"You want to go where? In that neighborhood? Fuck that, I'm not getting killed over an Atari cartridge."

- Comment I most often hear from friends when I ask if they want to go along on thrift mart hunts.

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