Jeff Eyster (Lee_Steel)
a.k.a. - The_Eye, eyster

Jeff Eyster

Hatching Date

1958 August 19

Hatching Place

Angola, Indiana, USA

Nesting Site

Atlanta, Georgia, USA


Tech Support Supervisor, EarthLink
Also currently attending College locally for a Computer Sciences Degree


Games, computers

Member Of #RGVC Since

April, 1996 (the very beginning)

Favorite Games

Wizard of Wor

Favorite System

Bally Astrocade

What Systems I Own And Collect For

Atari 2600
Atari 5200
Atari 7800
Emerson Arcadia 2001
Fairchild Channel F
Mattel Intellivision
Bally Astrocade
RCA Select-A-Vision

How Many Games I Own For Each System

2600 (350 games) 5200 60 games) 7800 (45 games) ColecoVision (85 games) Arcadia (8 games) Channel F (4 games) Intellivision (82 games) Astrocade (20 games) Select-A-Vision

How Long I've Been Actively Collecting

Since 1978

Possessions In My Collection I'm Most Proud Of

Select-A-Vision, Chase the Chuckwagon

One Game Or System/Item That I'd Love To Obtain Someday:

Atari 2600 Crazy Climber

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