Erik Crouch (Lennier)

Erik Crouch

Hatching Date

1980 March 25

Hatching Place

York, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Nesting Site

Wichita, Kansas, USA


Telecommunications Engineering


Cars, Sport, Fitness, and of course classic gaming

Member Of #RGVC Since


Favorite Games

Mouse Trap - ColecoVision and INTV
Beamrider - ColecoVision
Munchkin - Odyssey2/Videopac
Terrahawks+ - Videopac G7400
Night Stalker - Intellivision
Zaxxon - Arcade and Coleco Adam Super Game
Solaris - Atari 2600

Favorite System

Philips Videopac and ColecoVision

What Systems I Own And Collect For

Atari 2600
Atari 800XL
Atari 5200
Coleco ADAM
Magnavox Odyssey 2
Philips Videopac G7000
Magnavox Odyssey 2000 Pong
Mattel Intellivision

How Many Games I Own For Each System

Impossible to count at this point, however, most of my collection is ColecoVision

How Long I've Been Actively Collecting

Since 1995

Possessions In My Collection I'm Most Proud Of

Beamrider I own this on all systems except 5200
All of my boxed mint Odyssey2 games
All of my Philips Videopac plastic box games (thanks ccc---) :) (: :) (:
2600 Solaris, came shrinkwrapped
INTV Night Stalker, shrinkwrapped

One Game Or System/Item That I'd Love To Obtain Someday

Beamrider on 5200 to complete my collection

Other Tidbits/Comments


Above is my trademark :)

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