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Welcome to the home page of #RGVC, the official IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel of the rec.games.video.classic newsgroup. #RGVC was started in February, 1996 for people who enjoy classic video games to chat about more or less anything. There are usually people around 24 hours a day, so drop in and say hi!

If you're new to #RGVC or IRC, you are encouraged to read the #RGVC FAQ (frequently asked questions). It covers some topics that IRC newbies should read about, basic IRC etiquette, and information on how to join #RGVC if you are not sure how to get there.

For a complete listing of all the individuals who frequent #RGVC, check out the People of #RGVC for a look at the people behind the nicks (along with pictures as well!).

The #RGVC Stats Page has been set-up! Check out who was active, what they said and when the channel was busiest with activity.

The most hilarious, memorable, and not-so-pleasant moments of the channel's history is chronicled in #RGVC Unleashed! Here you can see highlights from trivia contests, pranks and practical jokes, and visits by rude individuals.

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