AGH Lynx Review:

by Telegames

Fat Bobby Pic 1
You know, when you think about it, one of the more puzzling things about the Lynx's game library has to do with its platform games, or the relative lack of them. Whereas every system on the face of this earth seems to have an abundance (and perhaps oversaturation) of side scrolling action/platform games, the Lynx is without a decent one of its own. While some gamers might actually consider this a good thing, for a system to be successful it's crucial that every major gaming niche gets filled with at least one good title. Unfortunately, Fat Bobby by Telegames fails to fit the bill.

You want an average platformer with average graphics, average control, average music and sound effects and average variety? Then Fat Bobby is for you. It appears as though the game's developers went to Generic University when planning this platformer. Everything about it screams mediocrity. That is, except for its wacky storyline...

Fat Bobby Pic 2
It just so happens that Fat Bobby is the leader of a rock band (probably an average one at that!). For whatever reason, a dude by the name of Dr. Mephisto pays the band a visit and hijaks the entire band with the exception of Fat Bobby. Armed with his trusty electric guitar, Bobby sets out on a little expedition in search for his lost friends. I know, I know... It's not exactly the kind of premise that academy award movies are made of.

Everything else is pretty basic here. Fat Bobby is so generic that you'll feel right at home with its controls and objectives. You can run, jump, and smash enemies with your guitar. You have very simple and bland bosses at the end of each level. You're faced with a time limit that doesn't factor into play because you can basically sleepwalk through each level before the limit expires. Enemies are devoid of any intelligence and just seem to wander around waiting for you to run into them.

If you can't get enough of platform games and must own every single one on the Lynx, then Fat Bobby may perhaps make your day. Of course, I'm sure some folks are satisfied with driving a family sedan and going from point A to point B without any frills. But for the rest of us, there's always the opportunity to enjoy the finest platformers when we get home and hook up our Super Nintendo or Genesis systems.

Title Fat Bobby
Publisher Telegames
System Atari Lynx
Graphics 6
Sound 6
Gameplay 5
Overall 5
Reviewer Keita Iida

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