by Atari

Now HERE'S a game that will break the spirits of Jaguar advocates everywhere. As Atari's first entry into the tumultuous fighting games arena, Kasumi Ninja is a pathetic excuse for a fighting game that will make people wonder how it ever got past the playtesters at Atari.

In an attempt to make a creative one-on-one fighter, some the characters are just downright odd. Among the eight selectable fighters include a Scottish guy with a kilt (those skirt things), an Amazon queen and a Goth king. The special moves are even more hair-raising. There's even one attack where the Scotsman raises his kilt and shoots out a blazing fireball at his opponent. If this is what happens to folks with Gonorrhea, you're best adviced to practice safe sex!

Unfortunately, Kasumi Ninja's quirkiness (some might call it originality, although I won't take it that far) is counterbalanced by choppy animation, imprecise control, and unbalanced gameplay. Some of the characters are so much stronger than others that you'll never get a fair fight. The special attacks are also difficult to pull off (where's a Jaguar joystick when you need one?), so what you wind up with is a fighting game that requires button mashing and zero strategy. In the end, it's a generic fighter that that fails miserably in design execution.

Title Kasumi Ninja
Publisher Atari
System Atari Jaguar
Graphics 6
Sound 5
Gameplay 2
Overall 2
Reviewer Keita Iida

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