AGH Jaguar Review:

by Atari

Now this is a movie license that actually makes sense. A fighting game featuring the legendary Bruce Lee seems like a logical fit, but Virgin has unfortunately dropped the ball by making this a dull, generic and uninspired beat-em-up.

It didn't come without any attempts at innovation, however. Plenty of special moves and the new addition of a 'grace' bar give the game a feeling that is uniquely its own. Dual two-player modes allow for competitive play - where two Bruces can slug it out in a pit - or cooperative play (where you can team up against villians from the movie.)

Unfortunately, the Jaguar version of Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story isn't much enhanced from its 16-bit cousins and almost seems ported over from the SNES version. The background graphics are quite detailed, but the character sprites are smaller than you'd expect from a game of this type and aren't drawn as crisp as they should be. The animation is choppy. And control is sluggish, making special moves difficult to pull off.

Let's hope someone brings out a fighter that's made from the ground up as a 64-bit Jaguar title, because slightly enhanced versions of Genesis and SNES games (Double Dragon V is another one) is getting frustrating.

Title Dragon
Publisher Atari
System Atari Jaguar
Graphics 4
Sound 4
Gameplay 4
Overall 4
Reviewer Keita Iida

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