AGH Jaguar Review: CLUB DRIVE

by Atari

If you've ever dreamed about driving around inside a giant house or even a junkyard, Club Drive is your worst nightmare. Designed as a pseudo-sequel to the arcade Hard Drivin' and Race Drivin', it takes a shaded polygon engine and adds it to a unique game where you can choose between driving in the Old West, Jerome's Pad (a house), Velocity Park and San Francisco. In theory, being able to run around in a car without any restrictions or boundaries seems like a winning formula, but Club Drive falls flat on its face.

This game is very simple graphically. Everything is drawn in flat, shaded polygons (perhaps to maintain the level of frame rate) which is neat in a weird sort of way, but the framerate is extremely choppy and control is sluggish to the point that it stops being fun. As was the case with Hard Drivin', movement is very "floaty," i.e. - don't expect to stop and turn on a dime here.

The two-player mode attempts to be the saving grace, but the execution is even worse than the already frustrating solitare mode. The split-screen viewpoint further reduces the framerate, and trying to make sense out of the squished and distorted blocks on the screen in front of you is just plain impossible.

If only Club Drive allowed you the option of leaving the cart itself in the junkyard when you get there...

Title Club Drive
Publisher Atari
System Atari Jaguar
Graphics 3
Sound 3
Gameplay 2
Overall 2
Reviewer Keita Iida

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