AGH Atari 7800 Review:

by Absolute

Title Match Pro Wrestling
To read my rant about what makes a good wrestling game, read my review of Mat Mania Challenge. Here, I'll get right to the chase. This game is horrible. As a wrestling fan, I've been used to some bad games, but jeez, only one game I've ever played is worse than this one (M.U.S.C.L.E.S. for the NES, anyone? Know my pain . . .)

Wrestling should be a simple game. The moves shouldn't be that difficult, and one should feel always in control. A cardinal rule in wrestling games is to be able to say "okay, here comes the thunder." and then promptly deliver said thunder. This game fails miserably on all accounts. The manual made my eyes glaze over. There is a button mode and a joystick mode, and to do a move you gotta move your wrestler near his opponent (joystick mode), grab him (button mode) unlock button mode and press a direction (back to joystick mode) and than hold down a button and press a direction (Button mode again OOOOHHHH GGGOOOODDDD), and then if heaven smiles upon you, a move results. Not only is this method completely counterintuitive, but the selection of moves is laughable. I think you can do a whopping three things. Body slam, Suplex, and Airplane Spin. If there are only three friggen' grapple moves available, why make it so complicated? I think Jack Nicholson made this game. There are other manuevers, like elbow drops and clotheslines, but they all seemed to be a matter of luck. After spending twenty minutes trying to get my guy to climb up the top rop, I went outside and did a 450 splash on a passing mailman. Then I felt better.

Title Match Pro Wrestling Pic 2

Graphically, the game is actually pretty good, with all the wrestlers looking big, and the arena having that white-trash rasslin' feel. You get to pick your guy, which is nice, but only sets you up for the pain later. Soundwise, just sound effects, the standard thumpa thumpa kind, but okay. The tag mode would have been a nice touch if this game hadn't been designed by a Bill Gates wannabe who had never seen wrestling in all of his pasty life, and probably lives with his aged mother.

The verdict is to stay away, far away, unless you buy it and give it to a wrestler who promises to piledrive his next opponent onto it. In that case, by all means, grab the sucka . . .

Title Title Match Pro Wrestling
Publisher Absolute
System Atari 7800
Graphics 7
Sound 5
Gameplay 1
Overall 2
Reviewer Matthew Lippart

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