AGH Atari 7800 Review:

by Atari

Scrapyard Dog
Anyone who remembers the platform games of the mid to late eighties knows what I'm talking about when I say that this game is old school. Scrapyard Dog is a platformer, through and through, and not a bad one, if you have some patience, and can ignore the fact that the main character looks like he was crushed to death by a large asteroid covered in ugly juice. Man, homely don't even begin to describe the eldritch horror that is that guy's NOSE!! My God . . . but I digress.

Scrapyard Dog Pic 2

When I said this game was old-school, I wasn't kidding. The object of the game is to get through seven worlds (each with three areas) in a limited amount of time, and along the way make crazy jumps onto randomly placed platforms and dodging generic enemies, or jumping on their heads (you think the reason this guy is so ugly is beacuse Mario got so fed up with all these games copying him that him and Luigi got mafia style on the poor man's face? Just a thought.). Not very unique, to be sure, but there are some neat touches. Instead of a princess, it's a dog, and instead of the mushroom kingdom, I think the game takes place in Compton. The three levels are Junkyard, Street, and Sewer, and each world has it's own set.Graphically, each street looks like every other street, same with the other two levels, but the enemies get harder, and the jumps get crazy, especially in the sewer levels. I've been stuck on one jump now for about six years, which is all I have to say about that. the game isn't easy, mostly because of the jumps, but you never feel cheated or anything, you just feel unworthy. The control is okay, although a little floaty, and your guy always seems a little to slow to respond. But the game lets you take your time, so it's no big deal.

Graphically, the game is good, with everything looking colorful and distinct. Not quite as good as Mario, but good nonetheless. Sound is nice, with some cutesy tunes throughout, and a neat bonus thing where you play a piano to match tunes, and if you get it right you get cash, which is used to buy stuff, like cans and bombs. Another neat touch is that after you die, the guy on the continue screen looks just like Paulie from the Rocky movies. What more could you want?

Title Scrapyard Dog
Publisher Atari
System Atari 7800
Graphics 8
Sound 6
Gameplay 6
Overall 7
Reviewer Matthew Lippart

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