AGH Atari 7800 Review:

by Atari

Gotta love them 2D fly around and kill a bunch of stuff games that were so prevalent in the eighties, and most of the early nineties. Who doesn't have fond memories of playing 1942, or Raiden, or any other of the legion of them games that came out? Most of them were really unoriginal ripoffs of the ealier greats, but even they had enough violence to go around. The 7800 has two of these games, one being the mighty Xevious, the other being this one. So does Planet Smashers live up to it's heritage? Does it open up a whole new can a whoop-ass on the 2D shootin' stuff genre?

Well, first off, gameplay here is pretty standard fare. The plot revolves around these alien mutha's that wanna blow up the earth, blah blah, you're the only hope, yadda yadda, specially equipped ship, talky talk-talk, you get the point. Anyways,you gotta kill a bunch of stuff.You can fly left and right, and up and down, etc, and get weapon power ups that change your bullets from thin white thingies to red cross thingies. A kind of like the cross bullets though. It makes me think I've got God on my side in my quest to save the world. Would've been nice if the wrath of God looked a little cooler though. How about being able to shoot a plague of boils at the enemy? Now that's a game, holmes! But I digress . . .

So the gameplay is pretty usual. You've got health, three lives, yup. Some cool twists though. The earth has a shield too, and for every enemy that you let get past you without feeling your holy vengence, that shield depletes a little. If it dissapears entirely, you lose all of your lives. So you can't just avoid enemies and squeek through like a coward. That's nice. Also, you can get warp powerups of different colors, and when you get the right color combination for whatever level you're on, you can go right to the boss. Neat.

Graphics are okay. The background consists of stars, and all the enemies look good. Nothing mind blowing. There is a really bad title song, and then no music in the game. One thing I found to be funny. On the back of the box, they made a point to mention the incredible sound effects. What's funny about that? I think the game has one sound. Yup. I think I've heard one sound. You're gun goes "puh." That's it. So level after level of "puh." Amazing. So the sound effects are bunk, made even more bunk by the way the hyped them up on the back. Note to programmers: if you're gonna slap it on the table, make sure it's all there, know what I mean? Jeez.

An okay game, but no Xevious.

Title Planet Smashers
Publisher Atari
System Atari 7800
Graphics 6
Sound 6
Gameplay 1
Overall 4
Reviewer Matthew Lippart

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