AGH Atari 7800 Review:

by Atari

Fatal Run is one of those neato post-apocalyptic driving around mad max games that come out every once in a while, although this is the only one that graced the hallowed halls of the beloved 7800. The plot, as one could imagine, is pretty derivitive, but the game is pretty fun, and you get to watch hot dog vendors and blind people explode (which shall be explained later)

The game is basically a driving/racing game, where you pretty much drive down the post apocalyptic road and kill any post apocalyptic commie pig dog that gets in your way. You have many weapons at your disposal, like guns, oil slicks, smoke screens, missles, dynamite, shields, and other neat stuff, which all kick some major patootie, although you'll probably just stick to the good ol' machine guns. You are supposed to be driving form city to city, delivering vaccines to citizens, on your way to finding a sectret missile base that's gonna launch some thing into the atmosphere and save the world. Yup. What it boils down to is trying to get to each city as quickly as possible, because the guicker you get there, the more civilians you save, and the more cash you get to buy weapon upgrades. The upgrading part is pretty cool, cause you can pimp out almost anything: tires, bumpers, gas tank, armor, winshield, engine, whatever. This is also where you'll be buying new weapons and such. After loading up, it's off to a new city, where the adventure continues.

The driving comtrols pretty much suck, but you don't really crash all that much, because a very useful onboard radar will tell you if any obsticles are coming up, and you can always avoid them. Enemy cars are stupid, and you'll easily either dodge them our gun them down like vermin. Whichever works. Although in a pinch I'll always go for the gunning down bit . . . he he he. What you pretty much do is just drive straight and move left occasionally, filling guys full of lead, or oil, or whatever.

Graphics are okay. The driving scenes are pretty bland, with just brown, white, or green ground and a grayish road being the only things on screen usually, minus the occasional car or three. The city's kind of fun, though, because you'll move to an out the side window view of a bunch of civilians from all walks of life (the aformentioned hot dog vendor, blind man, cheerleader, a guy who has a bottle in his hand, a chick with a stop sign, and random other people) waiting to meet you. If you took too long, they'll start exploding, which is nice. Every four cities you'll get a password, which makes this one of the few 7800 games you don't have to play in one sitting. That's lovely, cause playing more than eight levels of this tends to give one the shakes, as the game gets repetitive in anything more than small doses.

Sound is poop. Not really any music, just a bunch of blips, and the gun noises and collision sounds are all bad. Not much here, except for the title track.

Overall, a pretty good game,at least worth playing through once or twice.

Title Fatal Run
Publisher Atari
System Atari 7800
Graphics 6
Sound 3
Gameplay 6
Overall 5
Reviewer Matthew Lippart

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