AGH Atari 7800 Review:

by Atari

Dark Chambers
Man, Gauntlet was a great game, wasn't it? All that tension, violence, pain, joy, edge o' yer teeth excitment. Good stuff. Well, for those who don't know, Dark Chambers is just like Gauntlet, except without the tension, violence, pain, joy, and edge o' yer teeth excitment.

Just like in Gauntlet (sweet, SWEET Gauntlet), your player (or players... two players at once thank GAWD) tramp through a dungeon and get stuff. Treasure and such. There are about 26 levels (A-Z) and after you get through all of them you start over at a higher difficulty level. The main premise is good, but the designer somehow screwed up and this game just ended up really boring. I think it's because of the lack of enemies. The coolest thing about Gauntlet was standing in a room that had like fifty guys in it and mowing them all down while you tried to get the food in the corner. This game I've never seen more than like twelve guys on screen, and that just won't do. So the game ends up being Gauntlet without the balls.

Dark Chambers Pic 2

Graphics are okay, but bland. All the enemies look the same, and your character is just some generic elf boy. Cute feather though . . . the environments are usually the same from level to level, although the colors change once in a while . . . yawn.

The sound is not even there. No music, and I think the whole sound library for this game consists of three sounds- blip, blop and doo. Not very exciting. Some music might have livened this game up a bit. Getting sleepy . . . not a very great game, even with two players at once. In fact, I can't even complete it. Not because of the difficulty level, but because my eyes start to glaze over and I remember I have Zelda TOot in the corner.

Title Dark Chambers
Publisher Atari
System Atari 7800
Graphics 4
Sound 1
Gameplay 3
Overall 2
Reviewer Matthew Lippart

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