Atari 5200 Software Spotlight:

by Atari

Ticker Tape Demo Pic 1

Ticker Tape Demo Pic 2
Maybe this demonstration was planned to be used in 5200 kiosks for stores to show off. Or perhaps it was created by a guy (which we suspect is an individual by the name of "Rubio") who was working on some new programming tricks. Regardless of the rationale behind it, there really isn't much to see or talk about in Ticker Tape Demo.

Ticker Tape Demo Pic 3
You basically get your generic 5200 title screen that's found in most games, except that after seeing Rubio's copyright info, the phrase "Again Rubio Scores!" replaces the top line and begins to scroll and move side-to-side, banging on the left and right edges. Each time the phrase hits the outer edge of the screen, one of the letters on the outside disappears. This continues to occur until the word "Rubio" is left. That's it. To see it happen again, you need to restart the machine or press the reset button on the 5200 controller.

Title Ticker Tape Demo
Publisher Atari
System Atari 5200 SuperSystem
Reviewer Keita Iida

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