AGH Atari 2600 Review:

by Atari

RealSports Boxing
Released circa 1987, Atari's Realsports Boxing is a vast improvement over Activision's Boxing in many ways. Granted it's not Punch-Out (released in the arcades shortly afterwards) but it's still a great game.

While Boxing offered an overhead view with two boxers and a ring, Realsports Boxing has a side-view ring, two boxers, the audience, and a bell. You and either the computer or another player enter the ring for some pugilist action, and you can choose your fighter. Each fight has several 3-minute rounds, and closely follows real boxing. As you fight, you can throw low, medium or high punches. Each hit you land builds up your power meter, and when it flashes you can throw a knockout punch to put him down. He has until the count of ten to get up.

The graphics are pretty impressive, with different colors for each boxer, plus the audience cheers as you duke it out. As for the sounds, the bell sounds like a bell, the cheers and good, and when you knock a fighter down, a cuckoo clock sounds as the timer counts off in a nice touch.

This game is very easy to get into and is heck of a lot of fun, even though the computer doesn't present much of a challenge. At about this time, Atari and others tried too hard to get advanced arcade games to the VCS, but their original home games -- while quite simplistic compared to some of the coin-ops out at the time -- are very impressive, and this boxing game ranks among them.

Title RealSports Boxing
Publisher Atari
System Atari 2600 (VCS)
Graphics 8
Sound 8
Gameplay 9
Overall 9
Reviewer Adam King

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