AGH Atari 2600 Review:

by Apollo

Lost Luggage
There are good Kaboom! clones (Eggomania) and then there are bad ones (this one.) Here, instead of actching bombs released by a madman, you flag down suitcases spinning wildly off an airport luggage carousel. The two games are so alike that some suitcases are even marked as terrorists' bags that, lo and behold, blow up if not caught in much the same manner as the Kaboom bombs. If an ordinary bag gets past your grasping fingers, it bursts open to reveal a lot of rumpled clothing which cascades across the screen in amusing fashion.

Apart from some rough edges on the visuals, the biggest turn-off about Lost Luggage is that it is not sufficiently varied or challenging. By remaining as far up the playfield as possible, the skycap can snag most of the bags before they get a chance to fan out over the full width of the screen.

Were it not in a position to be compared to Kaboom!, Lost Luggage would be considered a mildly amusing "pressure" game. As it stands, however, there are better alternatives than this Apollo dud and you're best advised to steer clear.

Title Lost Luggage
Publisher Apollo
System Atari 2600 (VCS)
Graphics 5
Sound 4
Gameplay 4
Overall 4
Reviewer Keita Iida

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