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Ok Frogger, now it's your turn to try your hand at re-establishment on the Playstation.

Yet another arcade classic is being reincarnated on modern platforms, this time from Hasbro Interactive, parent company of the prolific Atari VCS developer, Parker Brothers (who brought us Frogger and Frogger II: Threeedeep!) Yes, Frogger has reached the age of polygons. In this modern update, the little hopper is a cool flat-shaded model, hopping about inside an equally 32-bit flat-shaded polygonal world. The objectives have changed thanks to this new design too. Once you've left the first level (the patented Frogger cross street, cross pond scenario), you'll bear witness to all-new Frogger play-mechanics.

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The levels are huge, multi-level, and stacked high and wide with scads of platforming. The goal still involves getting the little sucker from point A to point B, but now it takes place across theme-based levels loaded with moving platforms, creatures, and, believe it or not, stuff like balloons (you guessed it, a sky level) and toxic waste drums. Frogger's getting ten all new 3-D worlds (for a total of 50 levels of gaming) and new features such as heat-seeking tongue, power croak and super jump. You can also play with up to 4 players in specially designed multi-frog world maps with quad split screen action.

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Unfortunately, there are just as many things going against this game as their is for it. The controls are very sluggish and imprecise. The music is generic and could've been more cheerful and 'bouncy.' Finally, although the original Frogger is hidden in the game, we would have preferred it to be an option in the main menu (take note, all you retro programmers!)

In the end, Playstation Frogger is yet another classic remake that falls well short of the original.

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