Hey, wasn't the Sega Genesis supposed to be LOOOONG gone by now? Apparently, Majesco doesn't think so because they've repackaged the 16-bit machine and is selling the Genesis 3 for thirty bucks, and now they've ported everyone's favorite Frogger to the system.

You're probably thinking to yourself, "Oh no! Not another crappy 3-D remake of Frogger!" Fortunately in this instance, Genesis Frogger sticks to the original formula and shuns the polygonal version that was brought out for the Playstation and PC. And when we say original, we mean it to a tee. It's more or less the EXACT same game as the arcade classic. Nothing more, nothing less. And given the trouble that some companies have been having with even bringing the classics in their original form to modern systems, it's probably a good thing.

Frogger Pic 2
For those of you who haven't been initiated by the lovable 1980 coin-op, you control a little frog who has to hop through traffic on a five-lane highway, then cross a log-filled river to reach your home. Being hit by a car, falling into the water, or being atop a diving turtle when it submerges all cost you one turn. A hungry crocodile also pops up randomly in one of the froggie's five home lily pads, and touching it proves fatal. Escorting home a lady frog (found on a floating log in the river) earners the player bonus points. Get all the frogs home and you start all over again, but with the screen becoming increasingly difficult as you progress in the game. You'll also come across snakes, seals and other hazards the longer you survive as well.

Frogger Pic 3
Simply put, Genesis Frogger has everything that made the original such a hit in the early 80's in the arcades and on home systems during its time. The whimsical music also is present. We would've liked to have seen a few new enemies or extra screens included as a bonus, since Frogger is such a simple (but fun) game by nature. However, if you liked the original, and are willing to shell out fifteen bucks for it, rest assured you'll be getting the real deal here. Beware of the Super Nintendo version... it lacks the charming music during gameplay and is overall inferior to the Sega version.

Title Frogger
Publisher Majesco
System Sega Genesis
Graphics 5
Sound 5
Gameplay 6
Overall 6
Reviewer Keita Iida

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