Unseen Art

Time to give credit to the many anonymous Bob Rosses of Classic Video Game artwork.Not only were most artists uncredited, but a lot of their painstaking efforts nevermade it to the shelves and never wrapped a videogame so nicely. Here's a tribute tothose that ruined their health over the years by airbrushing and painting brilliantpieces - and finally a well deserved showcase that displays the images to a largeloving public.

Mostly, the art depicted on boxes goes through various stages of design and lay-outbefore being finalized. Some of these variations can be seen in catalogs and press-kitsto those that have an eye for detail and pay attention. Sometimes great artwork is beingmade but is never being shown to a proper public because the games never passed theprototype or design stage.

Parker Brothers

Parker Brothers was notorious for having their uncredited artist put out different versionsfor games, released or unreleased, all the time. At least 6 different catalogs, club magazinesand press releases show pictures of dummy-boxes and dummy artwork, and most of those aredisplayed and reviewed here for your pleasure. While some artwork was improved, other fine piecesnever made it to the storeshelves. All Parker Brothers games show great art, except for Reactor,which is a disgrace to the work of the artists that worked on all other boxes.


ATARI Inc. has shown many different styles along the years, and it is in the silver box period that alot of art was replaced to fit to the look of the new line of lay-out. Also boxes for Game shows like CESwere produced, and some of these have found their way - unfolded and in prestine conditions to seriouscollectors.