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Call us capatalystic, commercial, gone-pop, whatever.. We just support whatever classic-relatedconversion to PAL, and Howard Scott Warshaw's "Once Upon ATARI" documentary series is aperfect example.

Howard Scott Warshaw is the programmer responsible for the classic 2600 games E.T., Raiders of theLost Ark, Yar's Revenge  and Saboteur  (AKA The A-Team, a game that never made it beyond loaner cartridge form). He is currently producing a documentary series depicting"the real story of the beginning of the industry and the phennomenon of video games"for the first time ever.

The first episode, the agony & the ecstacy, goes back to thevideogame designer's wild world in the late seventies.Comments and anecdotes by ex-Atari employees like Rob Fulop, Larry Kaplan andTodd Frye (in Pac-man T-shirt), make this a unique experience to watch in the comfort of your ownmessy home theatre (that TV-set surrounded by a dozen of systems and stackloads of carts).

The first half hour episode is available in PAL or NTSC VHS format and costs $29.95 (all inclusive),whether you are a European or a U.S. resident. The tape is only available through Scott West Productionsand exclusively produced for you, the die-hard videogame fanatic.

To receive an official order form at your doorstep or to get more info, you can send a letter,postcard or email to Scott West Productions or simply fill in the form below that will beforwarded for you. Don't forget to mention we sent you! Your order will be sent out as soonas payment is received.

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