The heart of the Ancient ATARI PAL*Division. This is where most of theinformation is.

The Fleecing of the World -TV Standards, ugly labels, copyers, all your favorite rip-offs. This sub-section containsIn-Depth Reports about the odd things going on in the World of the VCS.
The ATARI 2800 Page -The 2600 in Japan.
Create-A-Cart! -The coolest of cool! Create your own exiting adventure!
European Rating Rarity List -What's rare over here? Also pics & info on rare and exclusive games.
The X-Man Page! -The most infamous game of all has it's own page now.
The Smurfs Page -Wanna know what a Kid Vid controller looks like ? .
The European/PAL Collectors Map! -Info on Countries, their 2600 days, and their collectors.
The Inside-Out -A look inside the inside of Atari 2600 Carts.
Unseen Art -An homage to the anonymous artists that created the many covers for boxes andlabels, some famous and known, some unknown that never made it to the public.

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