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This site is no longer being updated... (well only a list here and there). But my passion for the 2600 and classing gaming continues on the pages of Digital Press Magazine. I know handle all overseas distribution and subscriptions! A one-year subscription (6 issues) is only 22,50 euros! Send mail to for info. Work is well underway for nothing less than the DP Classic Videogame Collectors Guide Volume 7!. Again, the new edition features tons of overhauls, updates, new Lores, and even new systems here and there. It will be available this summer, premiering at CGExpo 2K2. Expect at least 200 title additions, and new info for your favorite section from us, the Atari 2600 Non-US section of course!

We recently kicked ass at the Eurocon 2001 in Blackpool, UK. Have a look at the site to see what you've missed, or read Digital Press Magazine issue 48 for a full review. We'll also stomping the grounds of Vienna just a month ago, and will be representing Digital Press in Frankfurt at the 2nd Classic Börsse this May.
And who knows, we might even meet in Vegas.
Yours, Deleto

We are still touring the world!
The Official Ancient ATARI PAL*Division
World Tour continues...

1996: RGVC-Con (Dayton, OH - USA)
1997: Electronicon'97 (Philadelphia, PA - USA)
1998: Paderborn (Paderborn - Germany)
1999: Euro-Con'99 (Amsterdam - The Netherlands)
1999: CGExpo'99 (Las Vegas, NV - USA)
2000: CGExpo 2K (Las Vegas, NV - USA)
2001: Phillyclassic 2001 (Philadelphia, PA - USA)
2001: Euro-con 2001 (Blackpool - UK)
2001: Classic Game Börsse, November (Frankfurt - Germany)
2002: AustroCon 2002, 9 & 10 March (Vienna - Austria)
2002: Classic Game Börsse, May (Frankfurt - Germany)
2002: CGExpo 2K2 (Las Vegas, NV - USA)


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