It was somewhere in early year of 1995 that we had big plans about setting up a hugeATARI 2600 2600 fanzine for fans in the Netherlands. The Ancient ATARI PAL*Division wasformed by the only two members, Roloff "Deleto" de Jeu and Arne "Kid-EZ" Kuilman(the nicknames came half a year later). A basic formula for a 6 page magazine was laid-out.Then came the hard part: how to reach all those fans that wanted to read our zine?The idea of the fanzine faided but was converted after the summer of 1995:
The wonderfull world of Internet was entered.

The World Wide Web seemed a perfect place to publish a little zine (aka website)devoted to the Atari 2600 VCS. Some searching for other sites was done which resultedin nothing, and ideas for a website were made. Then only weeks later, some stupidclassmate did find existing sites, and they were big, brute & bad. Everything seemed tobe there. A big Atari 2600 scene alive and kicking overseas on the Net. And we found outthat the availabilty and rarity of cartridges as well as controllers are different percontinent, even per country! After motivation and spirit had diminished, hope rose again and new ideas to make a different outstanding website were created.We stroke back with the

Ancient ATARI® PAL*Division.

The site was born in February 1996. The site was updated a month later andenhanced with a usefull frame. One idea that had remained from the fanzine days was to displayan old Atari advertisement every month. The Ad of the Month section was thus created. More andmore features and updates were added and are still being added every week. Hopefully the site willbe around for a couple of years and continue to grow, to entertain and inform Atari 2600 fans allover the world. And although the visitor number is low (around 10 hits per day) we are stillflattered that we have a flow of visitors, new and old, that keep looking around on our pagesevery day and have done so for more than a year, from all over the globe. Thanks to you, themotivation to come up with new things still remains.

                             Roloff "Deleto" de Jeu, President.


This site has been constructed and has been made possible with: Apple Macintosh,BBEdit, Netscape Navigator, Adobe Photoshop, The Academy for the Arts Utrecht (HKU),Colby "Kalla" Gibson for the webspace, and the people of #rgvc (Fygar, Holstine,Teflon, riffraff) for proofreading.

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