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Let Captain Atari guide you through the Map of Europe and other places!
He used to bring the latest word on games, competitions and news to fans overseas.
Back in 1983 Atari had club members in England, Australia, Germany, Israel, Sweden, Finland,Norway and The Netherlands.

Now we try to unite all the current Atari 2600 fans in Europe and abroad and list them here soyou can see who lives close to you (who that guy is that steals your stuff at the local flea!).Each dot represents one or more collectors. You can click on the countries to see it's collectorsand read a little about the life of the VCS there, back in the days. For the most complete anddetailed listing of ATARI 2600 games from outside the USA, I can fully recommend the Digital Press GuideCollecting Video Games VOLUME 6!

A great meeting took place in January 1999 atEuro-Con '99 in the Netherlands. To seewhat you've missed at this first european all-weekend classic collectors fest, followthe link. The organizers currently don't feel like setting up a sequel and have passed the torchto other Europeans, but I couldn't resist and put a little check-button on the bottom of this pageat the subscription form.

Euro-Con 2001was an incredible event! It was a small meeting weekend/show for serious collectors and fans, similar to Euro-Con '99,and was held in Blackpool, UK in October. Follow the link for more information.
Expect some more conventions in Europe soon, like in Vienna (AustroCon 2002), England (Retrospective 2002)and possibly Berlin.

Over 80 collectors on this list, but you're not one of them yet? Whether you are European, American,Asian, African or a combination of these, you can roll in! and I'll putyou (and your country) on the list and map. Let the world know you're proud to be an ATARIAN!
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The 2600 was a big seller in the UK. There were even somespecial UK only titles produced, like Action Force,Acid Drop, My Golf and Pick 'n Pile..
According to Atari Age issue #3 (Vol. 1) the English ATARI clubheaded by Captain Atari, boasted a membership of over 100,000people. Even now, the UK probably has the most classic video gamecollectors of Europe. Only 14 VCS fans are listed below but there shouldbe at least 30 alive and kicking in the Kingdom.

  COLLECTORS:Keith Ainsworth52 Kingsfield RoadOrrell ParkLiverpool, L9 3AWretrogamer@hotmail.com

Keith is the editor and publisher of the excellent Classic fanzine "RETROGAMER,The Magazine for Classic Videogames". Contact him for more information.

Ant "Antman" ChapmanLondon, UKant@achap.demon.co.ukhttp://www.achap.demon.co.ukJohn "xj220" ChristovassilisJohn moved to Switzerland!Kevin "shTHREE" Dempsey20 Cambridge Drive, Little LeverBolton, BL3 1XGg@meboy.cjb.nethttp://www.geocities.com/s_h_3/Jonathan David DytonCrownhillMilton Keynes, MK8 0BUBucksjon@wibble.powernet.co.ukSteve Goss12 Elliston RoadBristol, BS1 4XEstevegoss@hhousec.com

Steve has been an artist, designer and project manager for several 800/XEGSproducts for ATARI UK, but has been a 2600 VCS collector since '80.Ross "_Ross_" Hamilton12 Newbold PlaceLeamington Spa, CV32 4HRross@dcs.warwick.ac.ukTom Holzer6 Carnyorth HillCarnyorth, TR19 7QDtomholzer@btinternet.com

Tom has been collecting VCS since '83, moved from Germany to the UK in '87, started the first UK VCS fanzine '8/16' withanother Atari friend in 1988, support and collect 52 systems including VCS (300+ carts) and Odyssey,the 1972 original.

John Hayler25 Quested Court Brett Road HackneyE8 1JS LondonJohnMichael@jhayler.freeserve.co.ukhttp://www.jhayler.freeserve.co.uk

John collects Atari 2600/7800 stuff as well as other 8-bit machines.

Jon Legglegg_jon@hotmail.comhttp://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Bunker/1024/MarkusGlasgow, Scotlandshannow_uk@yahoo.comRichard "Rmonster" L. Muse40 Randall DriveHornchurchEssex, RM12 6SXmuse@premier.co.ukhttp://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~museIan "Teflon" Pleasance71 The AvenueHighams ParkLondon, E4 9RXian@planetbuilders.co.uk

Teflon has set up a Collectors Mailing list for classic video game fanatics in and near the UK.More info at: http://www.gyruss.demon.co.uk/ccnuk
Teflon is also busy setting up Euro-Con 2001. More on this soon!

Glen "tarm" Varleyglen@cbl.leeds.ac.ukMike "biker-sonic mike" WalkerShawbury GroveSale, 33 4DFPhone: 0161 962 8389mike@bigphonebill.freeserve.co.uk Mike has loads of spare cartridges to swap (PAL) !!eurocon2000: will visit, euroconlist: subscribe to maillistAndy "P-Man" WelburnLutonandrew.welburn@cableol.co.ukhttp://www.willowsp.u-net.com/andy/collected.htmColin Woodbridge84 Burghmuir CourtLinlithgowWest Lothian, EH49 7LLcolin.woodbridge@uk.sun.com


The 2600 VCS was released in Ireland.. Juniors where even built there,(just like Apple Macintoshes are today!) and look slightly different..

  COLLECTORS:Jon LeggJohn has moved to England!


The 2600 found a small release in Iceland in 1977, but more and more unitsand games were imported from Denmark along the years. Strangely enough, all2600 games and units dissapeared after 1983. The Junior and the red label rereleasesfrom the late Eighties never made it to the island. Nowadays, collecting old video gamesin Iceland is almost impossible..

  COLLECTORS:  Gunnar G. IngvarssonKarlagata 19105  ReykjavikPhone: 354-5520963GunnarGI@Taeknival.Is


The 2600 VCS was released in Norway.. but games are incredibly hard to find..

  COLLECTORS:  Carl J. GadeHøyåsveien 19b3216 Sandefjordcjgade@vestfoldnett.no
Carl's excellent Videopac site is unfortunately OFFLINE!!Vidar "Hawk" OlavesenVannverksveien 24BN-1709, Sarpsborgolavese@online.nohttp://home.sol.no/~olavese


The 2600 was released in Sweden in the early 80's and ruled the Video Game marketpretty soon. Atari even had a club and a 2600 Centipede Competition was held in 1983.The finals were played in Stockholm (and 10 year old Mats Ranlind was among the winners !).The rerelease of the 2600 in the late 80's and early 90's wasn't as big as inThe Netherlands or the UK. Juniors weren't shipped with 32 in 1s and the redlabeled games were hardly seen. Games can be found at fleamarkets nowadays.

  COLLECTORS: Rikard "pucko" LjungkvistSkottvallavagen 4469236 Kumlavideopac@hem2.passagen.seMats "arcade" RanlindBesmansvägen 33  168 34 Brommaranlind@hotmail.com Mats WessbergGodhemsgatan 18AS-414 69 Göteburgmats.wessberg@mailbox.swipnet.se


Denmark had a small release of the 2600 in the early Eighties, and didn't catch muchof the late Eighties revival with the Junior (none if I'm correct). Thus, VCS gamesare very, very hard to find.

  COLLECTORS:    Tobias "Rocco" Balle-PetersenSølvgade 301307 K Copenhagenrocco@synts.dk 


At it's first release, the 2600 VCS costed as much as 500 DM. Although this wasa high price, the 2600 became highly popular. Oddly enough, it was shipped with Pac-Man(some of these set-ups were exported to the Netherlands) and later with Phoenix.In the early 80's a lot of products and games were imported and produced in Germany.There is Dynacom in Hamburg, that made various games like Jumping Jack, and ITT that has made many games, even some based on a famous German comic figure(Pumuckl) and the Perry Rhodan Sci-Fi pulp magazines.
There were quite some German pirateers, like Suntek, Quelle and Goliath.TELDEC/Carrere Video was the official distributor for Tigervision and U.S. Games, as well as SEGA.The CARRERE VIDEO games of the latter company were U.S. and vidtec games, packaged in whiteTigervision cartridges and had their own label (see the European
Rarity List).

In 1982 the magazine Tele-Match  was launched, and it had connections with the AmericanElectronic Games. It ran many commercials for rare games (like some from ITT and Tigervision),learns us that the Amiga Joyboard was also distributed by TELDEC. Today Germany has a strong second place in Europe (UK being the first) as a country withavid classic video game collectors. More and more dust off their old VCS and start pickingup the games they played as a kid, and find out (here) they are not alone..

  COLLECTORS:Dirk BockstegersDrissenpaß 26D-47623 Kevelaerdbockstegers@t-online.dehttp://home.t-online.de/home/dbockstegers/Hermann "pac_man" BoekenBrunhildstraße 1790461 Nürnbergpac_man@gmx.nethttp://www.fen.baynet.de/hermann.boekenJürgen "Lobber" EichMichaelplatz 453177 Bonnlobber@mindless.comhttp://members.xoom.com/LobberStephan FreundorferTegernseer Platz 381541 MŸnchenPhone: +49 (0)89 69380826sf@maniac-online.dehttp://www.maniac-online.deRouven "Mr_XY" GehmCarl Euterstraße 2667663 Kaiserlauterngehm@student.uni-kl.dehttp://www.student.uni-kl.de/~gehmHeiko HußmannElsa Brändström Straße 830453 HannoverHeiko.Hussmann@t-online.deDirk "Crazy" IngensiepKastanienallee 1547918 ToenisvorstPhone: +49 (0)2151 701843 / 0172 2111894dingensiep@aol.comhttp://members.aol.com/telespiel/Ralf KeufenWollstraße 947918 Toenisvorstrksnowman@aol.comMarkus "Cherry" KirschbaumRosenstraße 5540882 RatingenPhone: +49 (0)2102 83890Markus.Kirschbaum@fh-duesseldorf.deMartin "Bounty Bob" KlarzynskiMagermannstraße 346483 WeselICQ: 109213886mklarzynski@skill42.dehttp://www.skill42.de/makl/Jens "JEK" KlöpfelCamphausenstraße 1045147 Essenkloepfel@aol.comhttp://www.concreate.comUdo "Popelhose" KoehleinZum See 2991738 PfofeldPhone: +49 (0)9837 96914udo.koehlein@t-online.deSebastian "Spaceball" KrausSchloerstr. 3180634 MünchenPhone: +49 (0)160 2204215S.Kraus@hiattag.comgamewatch@aol.comhttp://starwars.muschi.de

Sebastian tells us the following: "I have been risen with the Atari 2660. So its important to collect Atari.Its important to save this System for the Future."Jan "Jan Solo" KurpjoweitFreistraße 427243 Harpstedtgamewatch@aol.comhttp://members.aol.com/gamewatchJoerg "lenno" LennhofRuettenscheider Straße 26445131 Essenlenno@cww.deRalf MatzGrasiger Rain 10D-70734 Fellbachiterama@itepc1.ite.uni-stuttgart.deJörg MüllerLindenplatz 1352064 AachenPhone: +49 (0)241 21064 / (0)177 2763132joemu@pool.informatik.rwth-aachen.deMarc OberhauserBerzbuirer Straße 9852355 DuerenPhone: +49 (2)421 51547moberhause@ikarion.comJens OlufsBachstraße 7053859 Niederkasseljens@olufs.comhttp://www.olufs.com/jensMarc PahlenkaemperPohlweg 42a33098 Paderbornkingkong@uni-paderborn.deFlorian "mrp" PfisterDorffeldstraße 490427 Nürnbergfpfister@sokrates.franken.deSebastian "Busterman" RöhnerFanningerstraße 27D-10365 Berlinphone: +49 0170 9318215webmaster@buster-media.deEckhard "ecky" SchulzBreslauer Straße 923744 Schoenwaldelaehmer@t-online.dehttp://home.t-online.de/home/laehmer/ecky.htmRoland "bithunter" WolfDuisburgbithunter2010@gmx.dehttp://skyscraper.fortunecity.com/pixel/209/


The 2600 VCS was the most popular Video Game Console in the early 80's, but had thePhilips Videopac (Odyssee^2) as a tough competitor. An Atari Club existed in 1983.but dissapeared a few months after it's birth. In it's glorious days, a lot ofgames were distributed and imported. Also rarer games like X-man were sold with noproblem, along with many pirates.
The rerelease in '88 wasn't a big succes, Nintendoand SEGA had taken over massivly. The last batch of games produced for the 2600,like KLAX, Fatal Run and Acid Drop were sold off cheaply, but in limited quantitiesand areas.

  COLLECTORS:Roloff "Deleto" de JeuCreator and webmaster of The Ancient ATARI PAL*Division. I am the AAPD.Vinkenstraat 155-HS1013 JR AmsterdamICQ: 15145132drdeleto@dds.nlArne "Kid-EZ" KuilmanOriginal Co-Creator of The Ancient ATARI PAL*DivisionAdmiraal de Ruyterweg 94-11056 GP Amsterdamwebmaster@applebits.comhttp://www.applebits.comMarco "MarcoK" KerstensOnly Member of Honor of The Ancient ATARI PAL*DivisionVeemarkt 816511 ZD Nijmegenm.kerstens@bw.kun.nlCamiel "camster" DobbelaarZwanenburgdobbe@xs4all.nlSandy HunerTweede Nassaustraat13-D1052 BK AmsterdamSan-d@Altavista.nethttp://people.a2000.nl/shuner/Atari2600/Peter "Northwinds" EIkenboomStatensingel 1302805 BL Goudanorthwinds@planet.nl

Peter would like to trade with fans from outside of Europe. He also collects for Videopac and ColecoVision

Martin J. KloosA. Thaerlaan 503571 EG Utrechtm.j.kloos@dit.azu.nlHessel "Meuntje" MeunVoorland 278321 CB Urkhmeun@noord.bart.nlPeter "ptol" van TolZuidakker 963206 TJ Spijkenisseptol@mediaport.orghttp://www.mediaport.org/~ptolWim "Wossname" Rumping Sandenburg 1081965 NM Heemskerkroot@zombie.worldcity.nlhttp://giant.net/~skydancer


Nowadays 2600 games are hard to find in Belgium. Back in 1983 GEM was a Belgian based distributerfor Home Vision Games. Wether any of the collectors listed below are still seriously collecting isunknown..

  COLLECTORS:Les "CDK2" Caron Frankrijklei 37 b32000 Antwerpenbtl10519@turboline.behttp://atarihq.com


The 2600 costed 1490 Francs at it's release in September 1981.A year after that the magazine Tilt!  was launched. Also worthmentioning is that all PAL Parker Brothers games were produced in France.The CBS Electronics game Smurfs  was released in it's native nameas "Schloumfs"

  COLLECTORS:Marc "KasyO" Boyer3 Rue des Boulets75011 Parisboyer@worldnet.netLaurent "Donuts" KermelRoute du Clau, Impasse du Claou13190 Allauchlkermel@hotmail.com

Laurent is currently stationed in Crawley, UK. The easiest way tocontact him is by email.Patrice Muller34 Rue Rene Hyvert01800 Meximieuxpamuller@imaginet.frJean-Marc Regent59 Rue de la Pelouse72000 Le Mansjim.regent@wanadoo.fr


Because of Spanish language on the back of European Atari Boxes("¡Salude a la reina de los juegos video - MS. PAC-MAN!") we know that Atari VCSgames were distributed in Spain. One company called HAL apparently made a cart calledMysterio Azteca / Agenta Super, which are Montezuma's Revenge and James Bond 007(by Parker Brothers) on one cartridge.

  COLLECTORS:Israel "ISRA" Soler AldeguerSanto Domingo 377Izq03005 Alicanteissoal@topo.upv.esAntonio "Dark Force" DelgadoConde de Penalver 92 - 6 C28006 Madriddarkforce@teleline.esRamon "rampa" MartinezPaseo Maria Agustin 4-6, Portal 3 16B50004 Zaragozarampa@encomix.eshttp://www.encomix.es/users/rampa


There's a 2600 game called Predatori Del'Arca Perduta whichalso is the Italian name for the first Indiana Jones movie("Raiders of the Lost Ark"). It might be an exclusiveItalian pirate, we don't know yet..

  COLLECTORS:Piero Cavinac/o Rita RonchettiVia G. Zoccoli, 11041040 Baggiovara (MO)p.cavina@mo.nettuno.it

Piero is the programmer of the fabulous new game "Oystrons" which is soldby Hozer Video.Fabrizio "brizio" PedrazziniCremonabrizio@sisinfo.itMassimiliano "Deckard"Via Budapest, 2200055 Ladispolimax.riondino@mclink.it

Max collects any Eighties console, but is focussing on putting together a big VCS collection!


Well, games are probably incredibly hard to find out there in the Alps, but here's proofthat there are collectors out there:

  COLLECTORS:Frank "indy39" TannerBirsstraße 174CH-4052 Baselfrtanner@yahoo.comJohn "xj220" ChristovassilisChalet Sebastia, BP 351Chemin des GentianesCH-1264 St-Cerguejohn.christovassilis@sita.inthttp://www.atarigames.co.uk


Like Switserland, games are probably incredibly hard to find out here in the Alps, but here's proofthat there are collectors out there:

  COLLECTORS:Dieter König(Classic Consoles Club)Rainweg-S|üd 150A-8605 KapfenbergPhone: ++43 (0)3862 33455-0FAX:   ++43 (0)3862 33455-2dieter.k@magnet.atAndranik GhalustiansBoerseplatz 6/1/131010 WienPhone: ++43 (0)533 05 14andranik.g@vienna.atReinhard "TraunStaa" TraunmüllerHoppichlerstraße 184040 LinzLinztraunstaa@magnet.athttp://members.magnet.at/traunstaa/

Reinhard is an avid 2600 collector, but also collects for the 7800.TermX, Austriatermx@redbox.at


As you might know, PAL is also the TV-standard Down Under. So basically, the 2600 and 7800 units wereimported from the UK, along with most of the games. An independent Software house was set up inthe early Nineties, called Home Entertainment Suppliers. They offered copies of popular games and2 Pak Specials, and even programmed some original games, like My Golf  for salu.Also available on the island are many pirated games from distributer Rainbow Vision (Suntek in Europe),and Action Hi-tech.

  COLLECTORS:Glenn "Bus" Bussell48A Alexander AveDandenong, Vic 3175Christopher "Steempy" Coleman15 Galian WaySpearwood, WA 6163coleman@vector.wantree.com.auBen Colins30 Ridge RdKilaben Bay, 2283Phone: (02) 49594458bencollins@iname.comBrad HedrickDawson DriveBendigo, 3551whedrick@iaccess.com.auDaniel Kapinga45 Sutton StreetBurnie, Tasmania, 7320Phone: (03) 64315537dkapinga@freemail.com.auBilly Moore74 Thurla StreetSwan Hill, Victoria, 3585Phone: (03) 50323776billymooreatagm@hotmail.comGraham "Gram" J. PercyPearcedale, Victoriagjp57@yahoo.comTim "Tim" SmithUnit 7/2 Bortfield Drive, Chiswick, NSWSydney, 2046timbo@acay.com.auhttp://www.acay.com.au/~jerel/~timbo/welcome.html

Tim's site showcases a range of Australian 2600 pirates

Luke "Mr Atari 2600" Surman6 Telopea StreetSydney, 20797800@bigfoot.com

Luke will buy any 2600 game from you he doesn't have!


Yes, waayyy down under youngsters did get to play videogames for quite some systems. ATARI Inc. had it's ownofficial distributor in New Zealand, and released some black labeled VCS games with silver ones (likeHaunted House and Berzerk). Other 2600 and 7800 games were brought in from Australia, and some of the H.E.S.titles can still be found, along with many weird exotic consoles, with or without built-in pirated games.You can see some of these on Michael's page.

  COLLECTORS:  Michael "RedWizard" DavidsonAucklandpinwhiz@icarus.ihug.co.nzhttp://www.nelsongold.demon.co.ukAaron "Holmes" Wheeler6007, Upper Hutt New Zealandaaronat@ihug.co.nzhttp://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~aaronat/atari.html

Aaron collects for the following systems: Atari 2600, 7800, 8bit!!!, Lynx, Jag, Sega SC3000/SG1000, SMS, Fountain/Radiofin.


As you might know, the 2600 was released in Japan as the 2800.At least 30 ATARI games were released in Japanese boxes with Kanji type.I don't know of any collectors in Japan (although we've had some hits on the page fromJapan), and games are very hard to find there, and mostly labeled "RETRO" andconsidered exclusive, and thus very expensive. As the Japanese tend to throw things away ratherthen stuff old things in their basements or garages for years, there isn't really a market forsecond-hand and used items. Fleamarkets, thriftstores or yardsales do not exist (or hardly) in Japan.More about the 2800 on the ATARI 2800 Page.


In South-America, where 2600 were available in the early Eighties, Brazil had it's own 2600 system.Around 1981 a company called Grandiente Co. launched their Gradiente Atari 2600 VCS.
As Brazil is a Country of Clones, a lot of pirate-games and cloned systems were sold here. While it seamsthat Polyvox was licenced to distribute and repackage VCS games like Frostbite and Kangaroo (Canguru),companies like Mania, Dynacom and Digivision created exotic looking cases with wild labels on them.A company called CCE has pirated around 40 VCS games from various companies. Some games hadthe names of the originals ("Bank Heist"), while others got a new one("Amphibious War"). Polgram Brazil (or Splice) made the K7/A, a SuperCharger like device, but smaller, and sold many different tapes for it. Even today, new titles and pirate brands turn up.

  COLLECTORS:  Carlos "Amazin" Bragatto R. Natalino Stocco, 164 (Planalto do Sol)13.171-220, SumareBrazilamazin@amiga-br.com.brhttp://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Hills/6767


As Canada and it's merry Canadians are somewhat more European than Americans, I put them before the USA list.Canada has seen a big import of Classic games back in the days, and the VCS was just as popular over there as in the US.No Canadian-only releases are known, however rumour has it that AcTiVision managed to release some of it's early games with bilingual titles,such as Boxing / Le Box and Skiing / Le Ski. When the classic videogames became collectables, Canadians were just as quick in therace to find those gems and complete collections as in the US or anywhere else, and over the years we've met many Canadian fans online.

  COLLECTORS:Glenn "Red Dog" CampbellP.O. BOX 596C0B 1V0, O'Learyphone: 1-902-853-3179glennc@pei.sympatico.ca


Last but not least: The United States of America. Yes, we list you lucky ones too now! The Net knowsno boundaries, so why exclude Americans from this list? I'm not going to tell you about the piles ofgames still available at yard sales, thrift stores and such, the web is already wading in US based VCSsites and stories.

  COLLECTORS:  Mr. Chad Shaw1832 Broadway streetDenton, TX 76201Chad.Shaw4@gte.net

Chad collects extremely rare VCS games and prototypes, even ones that haven't been found yet!John Newton "jn3" Horsley III3827 Seabeck HWY NWzip: 98312Bremerton, WA 98312johnewton@hotmail.comhttp://avgs.8m.comICQ: 43714583

I collect all console systems and handhelds, I have about 23 consoles at the moment andabout 300 games, 50 of which are VCS. I've just started to collect in December of 1999, so I'm prettyyoung in this field. I am more then happy to trade/buy/sell games and consoles with any one ifthey are interested. There is a list of my extras on my website.Jeff "jeffgamer" Rothkopf13529 SW 112 PlaceMiami, FL 33176jeffgmr@bellsouth.net

Jeff collects cartridges, boxes, manuals, peripherals, and hardware for all classic gaming systems.With over 2000 games to trade with, if you have something he's looking for, he'll almost definitelyhave something you need as well! Feel free to e-mail him your trade lists, and he'll send his tradeand want lists to you upon request as well.

Sources used: Digital Press Classic Videogames Collector's Guide Vol. 6,the only true guide and bible to collecting video games - approved by the Ancient ATARI PAL*Division! (doh, we contributed to it!)All the info is here. Don't miss out, get your copy today!

Various issues from the 2600 Connection fanzine - the only true VCS magazine on the globe!

Issues from the German Tele-Match magazine (from 1983 and 1984)

Many visitors and friends of the Ancient ATARI PAL*Division Site.

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