• Here's my top ten....

    NOTE:....I was too young to really get into video games when I had the 2600. I'm going all Jaguar.

    10. Hover Strike: Unconquered Lands

    (Jaguar CD/Atari)
      The update of BattleZone on Jag CD. Great texture mapped graphics. Realistic gameplay and hovercraft controls. Fully light sourced with animated landscapes and textures. Great movie-like soundtrack and Battlesurround sound FX system....
    9. Highlander
    (Jaguar CD/Atari)
      This games almost an RPG...Great plot and storyline, superb cinemas, excellent backdrops, and motion captured animation. I like to call it a fully interactive Myst.
    8. Missile Command 3D
      This update of the classic is great. It's a virtual defense-fest in a 3D world. I liked 3D mode a lot too....the ability to upgrade your cities and missiles. Cool stuff.
    7. Iron Soldier
      I can still remember the first day I played this game. My jaw dropped open at the site of a helicopter explosion above me.... and the site of the pieces dropping in front of me was amazing. The variety in the mission objectives kept this game fresh....no "get the pods" levels.
    6. Virtual Light Machine
    (Jaguar CD/Atari)
      It's no game, but it definitely graced the Jag CD. VLM creation is awesome!
    5. Aliens Vs. Predator
      hehe....need I even say anything?
    4. Towers II
      The thing that really draws me to this game is the story and depth. It's unlike any other Jaguar game out there. Deep story, nice graphics, nice music, witty puzzles, and superb character interaction.
    3. Defender 2000
      This game's not too steep for me. Others complain that it's too hard. The game's a total blast! Untamed speed and power-ups galore....Those flaming fingers on level 60 are killers!!
    2. Tempest 2000
      This game is undoubtedly one of the best and most addictive games ever. The rush that you get from this baby is great. Jumping, dodging, spinning, pixels flying towards you....totally insane!
    1. Battlemorph
    (Jaguar CD/Atari)
      This game has been my favorite since it was released. Luscious shading, great cinemas, a ton of levels, lots of weapons, and even some cool soft-techno tunes.

    Ultra Vortek
    Cannon Fodder
    Theme Park

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