• Wow... how many hours did we spend in front of our TV and play video games while hearing from our parents that we were going to go blind if we didn't stop playing? I for one took many a beatings from my older brother because of numerous Atari related activities. Here's my top 10.

    10. Space Invaders

      The first game that ever captivated me. My neighbor had the system and I was the youngest one in the neighborhood so I didn't get many chances to play, but nonetheless I was hooked on this one for quite some time.
    9. Pole Position
      Good fun to play, although not exceptional.
    8. Pac-Man
      Hey, I was definitely a stud back in the days for being one of the first to get to the intermission "movie" with just one life. Gotta love it!
    7. Q*Bert
      This game pissed me off a lot. I would have one more square to bounce on to clear the screen, and I would accidently jump off the side. Man that always made me mad!
    6. Dig Dug
      I can't explain this one, but at the time this game was the BOMB!
    5. Centipede
      Whoa! This game would get really hard -- really fast. When that centipede would start flying down the screen, you know that you were in for a battle.
    4. Joust
      Just thinking of this game gets me mad at my brother. He would always kick my butt at this game. I don't think I ever beat him, even once. I WANT REVENGE!!!!!!!!
    3. Super Breakout
      What you have to do in this game is get that ball to the top and let it go wild up there. The true pro had this technique mastered.
    2. Ms. Pac-Man
      Why, you ask? It's Pac-Man with a bowtie on its head.... plus, new cut scenes -- I loved the cut scenes!
    1. Jungle Hunt
      Oh, Baby! This is THE game. I still have dreams about jumping over canonballs and knifing alligators.

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