• Hi, I just stumbled across your site and instantly felt I had found a home! I always loved Atari machines and repeatedly got steamed when I would see them be unable to market their way out of a paper bag! If only everybody would realize how much better Atari products were! But anyway, I really wrote to suggest my favorite games. I must admit I am unfamiliar with anything post-7800, and haven't really thought about the following much, so I can't give a full ten games, but the following are my favorites:

    8. Adventure

      What can be said about this? It's just great.
    7. Warlords

    6. Miner 2049er

    (5200/Big Five Software)
      Man, this was simply ***FUN***!!!
    5. Indy 500
      Truly crappy sound and graphics, but very fun to play head-to-head!
    4. RealSports Baseball
      See #3.
    3. Football
      Great gameplay similar to Intellivision, but with better graphics & sound
    2. Space Dungeon
      Cool control scheme, also actually challenging, and great graphics & gameplay.
    1. Yar's Revenge
      This was the the second home game I ever played that was actually challenging (the first was Activision's Tennis).

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