• Here's my ten favorite in no particular order. I'm not one for writing reviews so that's why I didn't!

    10. Beamrider

      The Intellivision version is better but this one is still very playable.
    9. Mines of Minos
      I'm a sucker for maze games and this one is more interesting than most with its scrolling playfield and water dangers.
    8. Ram It
      I fell in love with this one at the 1982 CES. You have to have the instructions to know what you're doing.
    7. Food Fight
      I really like the 'Instant Replay' feature.
    6. Robotron: 2084
      I can't get past the fourth level but that's okay.
    5. Super Skateboardin'
      This one is just a fun game with great graphics. Blows away the 2600 version.
    4. Sword of Saros
      My favorite of the Starpath games although Mindmaster and Survival Island come close.
    3. Superman
      This was the groundbreaker for Atari. They followed it up with Adventure and then they went stale.
    2. Adventure
      How can you not like this one? Even without the Easter Eggs it's a great game!
    1. Dark Chambers
      For me this game is like Adventure, only better.
    Runners Up!!!

    Impossible Mission (7800/Atari)

      I loved this one until I found out that its truly impossible.
    Defender (2600/Atari)
      I never played the original so I don't have a basis to compare it with. On that note, this is a great game.
    Secret Quest (2600/Atari)

    Tower Toppler (7800/Atari)

    Bobby Is Going Home (2600/?)

      One of the best game descriptions on any box.

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