• Well, heck, I can't let this opportunity pass by! Here's my Top Ten Atari console titles of all time, in David Letterman-style.

    (No descriptions or long elaborations, though -- let's be honest, if I have to even say WHY I'm listing a game, then it doesn't belong on a Top Ten. The titles speak for themselves... B-)

    10. Pinball Jam

      It's not a showcase by any means, but dang it, I just love watching that ball bounce around.
    9. Defender
    (Atari 8-bit computers/Atari)
      One of my fondest memories is the weekend I destroyed my space bar playing this game, it's THAT intense...
    8. Missile Command 3D
      This title is often overlooked by Jaguar owners, but I think it's a game you can play for decades.
    7. Aliens Vs. Predator
      Deep, immersive, and complex, especally if you play as the Marine.
    6. Klax
      Holy sh*t! It looks and sounds *better* than the arcade, and it's *portable*!
    5. Crush, Crumble, And Chomp!
    (Atari 8-bit computers/Atari)
      Lots and lots and lots of strategic play, boosted by the AWESOME make-a-monster option...
    4. Adventure
      Why is this game so addicting? I don't know, but I don't care...
    3. Battlewheels
    (Lynx/Beyond Games)
      More features, more depth, and more fun than most games on most other machines.
    2. Tempest 2000
      Enough reason to buy a Jag, and still better than the PC/PlayStation/Saturn ports.
    1. Star Raiders
    (Atari 8-bit computers/Atari)
      It *still* kicks ass after all these years.
    I'm not even going to try and list runners-ups; I only have twenty-four hours in a day, after all!

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