10. Battlemorph

    This great game requires a lot of time if you plan to beat it. It's just challenging enough to make it just the right amount of fun.
9. Gyruss
    Travel from planet to planet in this fun-filled game, and use a trackball if possible!
8. Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure
    The Jaguar version is better than the original because you can play the original and the new version. It's cool to be able to play both.
7. Jungle Hunt
    A very fun game with a few levels, but still provides excitement.
6. Club Drive
    This game gives you constant fun as two players. Not nearly as fun by yourself, but get ready to play for a while if there's a friend in the house!
5. Theme Park
    Probably the best simulation game in my opinion, this game will provide endless fun, as I have noticed in my time of constant play. I'd love to use a mouse with this though.
4. Frogger
(5200/Parker Brothers)
    Ahh...Frogger. Introduced to it as a child when my dad brought out the ol' 5200 from the attic, I still play this game a lot..
3. Tempest 2000
    A great remake of the original Tempest, this game gives many more options and other types of Tempest games to play..
2. River Raid
    I frequently play this game on my 5200 a lot. It's intense fun and still does not bore me.
1. Asteroids
(2600 & 7800/Atari)
    I could play this game for hours. I enjoyed it as a child on an old 2600, and now enjoy it on Game Boys and computers. I can't wait for the new Asteroids on the Playstation. If only they'd make it for the Jag instead though :(

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