10. Breach 2

(Atari ST)
    Before there was Xcom and Warcraft, there was Breach 2.  Depth, style, and addictive gameplay at least three years before Warcraft.
9. Rescue On Fractalus
(Atari 8-bit)
    The first 1st person space flight sim that took it past shooting flying bitmaps.  From conecpt to execution, there isn't one fault I can find with this game.  Another game that deserves a sequel (just don't let the guys who did Ballblazer Champions do it).
8. Klax
    The only Lynx game to make it into my list.  This game is better than the arcade version - because it is portable.  In many ways, a more addictive game than Tetris.
7. Adventure
    The only 2600 game to make it into my top ten list.  This game rocked me and I played it on end for hours.  Nothing like getting chased around a semi-visible dungeon by bad looking ducks.  A true classic.
6. Aliens vs. Predator
    The most intense gaming experience of my console life.  The amibience is what makes this game.  You FEEL like you are there without some crappy mod file for music repeating every 30 seconds.  Take your choice of characters and run the station.
5. Dungeon Master
(Atari ST)
    The reason role playing games went 3D, this adventure/role playing game was one of the reasons I bought my ST.  Incredable depth, clever puzzles, and great characters.
4. Tempest 2000
    Not many games make me put them back in my console once they've been finished (even on beastly mode).  This one always goes back in.  This is the best shooter since the invention of the "shooter" game. Unparalleled, especially with the lame versions on the PC/other conosles.
3. M.U.L.E.
(Atari 8-bit)
    The original strategy game that is just as good today as it was seventeen years ago.  Multiplayer too!
2. Ballblazer
(Atari 8-bit)
    The game that redefined what a game could be.  Graphics, Gameplay, killer music.  Another game that deserves it's place in history.  Could use a DECENT update, too.
1. Star Raiders (Atari 8-bit)
    The ultimate video space game.  It is the one that started my love affair with the Atari computer line.  Gameplay and graphics (for it's day).  I'd still rather play it than any other space game on any other console or computer.
Honorable mention...

Warlords (2600)
Super Breakout (2600)
Space Dungeon (5200)
Food Fight (7800)
Joust (7800)
Eildon (8bit)
Blue Max (8bit)
Midimaze (Atari ST)
ONYX (Atari ST)
F15 Stirke Eagle 2 (Atari ST)
Battlemorph (Atari Jaguar)
Battlewheels (Atari Lynx)
Rampart (Atari Lynx)
Battlesphere (Atari Jaguar)

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