• Making any top 10 list is a difficult proposition. I tried to limit myself to games that I own. That is not too much of a problem on the 2600 (over 350) or 7800 (almost all carts). But I am just starting on the 5200 (only about 40 or so carts) and have only about half the Jag games (30). But here goes the list.

    10. Video Olympics

      Everyone has one really nostalgic game on their Top 10 list. Mine is Video Olympics. I remember playing pong. I remember putting quarters into a game unit when I was bowling as a youth. I liked being able to play pong and all the variations (I had a six-game home pong unit, a Unisonic Tournament T-2000) against a computer or a human.
    9. Ms. Pac-Man
      Any list of games has to include a member of the Pac family. So I chose the most advanced Ms. Pac Man available for an Atari game system. There is a reason why Ms. Pac Man machines, now more than 15 years old, are still found in many arcades. The game is fun.
    8. Solaris
      Most people might not include this one on their list. I do because I got into buying late/post-crash releases new at Toys R Us (the nearest Kaybee was 40 miles away so I missed (or passed on in infrequent visits) games like SW: Waterworld). Solaris really impressed me then as a space flight/battle/ simulation contest.
    7. Ballblazer
      A very different "sports" game. It set standards for sound and graphics in its day. And it is a great head-to-head encounter.
    6. Solar Fox
    (2600/CBS Electronics)
      I never really heard of this game when it was first released. Of course, I was busy with my Intellivision then. When I plugged it in after finding it at a thrift, I was hooked. It plays a lot like Zoop. Only a lot faster.
    5. Food Fight
      A different kind of game. It looks good and plays well. It is one of those games that people still talk about. Enough said.
    4. California Games
      If you want to show someone what the 2600 can be made to do -- show them this game. It is more colorful than its Genesis counterpart. And more fun. The 2600 controls make it a game everyone should have in their collection.
    3. Gremlins
      The only thing this game has with its 2600 counterpart is its name. I once found this rare game and traded it away (because I wasn't collecting for the 5200 at the time). I am expecting it in the mail next week. It is one of those games that will make you pull out a system. Graphically well done and incredible game play.
    2. Aliens Vs. Predator
      This game takes your breath away. All three of the first-person shooters on the Jag (Doom and Wolfenstien 3D are the others) are good. But "AvP" is the best of the bunch. It has to be played to be believed.
    1. Tempest 2000
      This game is the reason I bought the system. It is a rush. It is (at present) the only home version of this classic game available -- a game that still is as good as it gets. The arcade game is unique and exciting. And "T2k," while not a perfect port, does bring home that feeling.

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