• I admit to having played some games more on machines other than the Atari systems. I grew up with my brothers playing games on the Commodore 64. Now, however, Atari 2600 incarnations are my favorites ever since collecting it. The 2600 is THE system where all games/designs/play have spawned. Nearly all other (new) games can be brought back as to having originated from some game/concept on the Atari. Besides the games, the cover art of the boxes stole my heart. Gameplay, design and concept made them the true "Classics" out there. And that's what Atari was all about. Listed in countdown order, here's my Top-Ten list of Atari 2600 games.

    10. Pengo

      This penguin-dude is classic! I remember those frenetic days trying to shake off those hatching bad dudes in the icefields on the coin-up. Admittedly, I got the Atari version many years later but it hasn't disappointed me at all. The most important -- gameplay -- has been kept intact on the 2600 version. The music will drive anyone nuts.
    9. Quadrun
      This game is here for orginality. It's one of the few games not dependent on lives or infinite ammo. You need to recycle your bullets by catching them on the other side of the gamefield. What a concept. Perfect controls and amazing speech for an Atari 2600 game!
    8. Sky Diver
      Control and precision are all in this game. One of the few games that can live up against that feeling of disappointment of "Cool cover design!, That's it?" after opening and playing the game. This game can have me working the controls for the perfect "drop". Gamespeed works well.
    7. River Raid
      The everlasting shoot-em-up with the added touch of realism when losing gasoline. Hairy escapes through narrow passages are tough and rewarding. Damn those bridge-guarding tanks.
    6. Pitfall II: Lose Caverns
      Another Activision title. A good follow-up on an allready excellent game. The linearity is easy yet cruel. Love them balloons. THE MUSIC! dee dee-di di dum. Di di di daaa......
    5. Warlords
      Yes, besides 4-player Bomberman there is NO other 4-player game that lives up the standards of Warlords. No frills non-stop action of players defending their fortresses in popular Breakout style. This game proves the true value of alternate paddle-controllers.
    4. Phoenix
      In my eyes the one and true shoot-em up. Often overshadowed by Galaxian it offers the more flexible "shield" option and 4 step stage dive to massive Alien U.F.O destruction. It's all the little touches of enemies losing wings that polish this game till shining beautifully.
    3. Asterix
      I don't know. I just have this affilliation with running through hordes of dangerous objects trying to pick up all those helmets! The game proves that simplicity, when executed well, can provide for excellent gameplay. This game needs a killer-controllable joystick for high scores. A pesky stick can ruin this game.
      AGH NOTE: The US (NTSC) version of the game is titled "Taz."
    2. Nightmare
      Completely unknown to me before I started collecting games for the Atari 2600, Nightmare has mesmorized me after I found it and tried it out. I think it's partly the cover art design and the game itself. Loads of music and sprites. Classic "Death"-theme music. It's a tough cookie though..
    1. Bobby Is Going Home
    (2600/Bit Corp.)
      Where is this dude going to? Ever since I first played this game this question has been haunting my mind. This pointy-hatted dude leaps and jumps in this acid-coloured game. It ain't classic but it just captivtes me.
    Not all games could be on this list but honourable mentions must go to:

    Galaxian, Pacman, Combat (yes!), Kung-Fu Master, Surround, Qix, LadyBug and many others!

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