• Hey there, ahhhhhhhhhh, good ol' Atari games, most of these would make my top 10 list for all videogames, and all of them hold a special place in my heart - here they are:

    10. Ms. Pac-Man

    (2600, 7800/Atari)
      I couldn't bear taking this off the list for one of the honorable mentions' this game will be forever playable.
    9. Fast Food
    8. Food Fight
      Awesome game, I love the replays, but even without them, I would still love this game.
    7. Crystal Castles
      This game is great, variety, sci-fi, suspense (being chased into a corner by a giant tree), it has it all.
    6. Pitfall II: Lost Caverns
      This game was and still is mind blowing.
    5. Keystone Kapers
      Ah, the squatting cop. Great game, I still drool over the sunset!
    4. River Raid
      Great game!!! Words cannot do these games justice sometimes.
    3. Joust
      I looooove this game, go into phases of playing it non-stop. Some may say it's too easy but I prefer the looser flying, especially with a nice broken in VCS stick.
    2. Kaboom!
      Had to struggle to not make this a tie with #1, these games both have that get in the zone, lose yourself in gaming nirvana bliss.
    1. Tempest 2000
      This game made me speechless for a whole day the first time I played it...awesome music, graphics, sound effects, and most importantly gameplay make it an unforgettable experience. This game is a must-have, accept no substitutes!
    Honorable mentions:

    Robotron: 2084 (7800), Vanguard (2600), Frankenstein's Monster (2600) Galaga (7800), Asteroids (2600), Spider Fighter (2600) Centipede (2600, 5200, 7800), Kangaroo (2600), Jungle Hunt (2600) Super Breakout (2600), Q*Bert (2600), Yar's Revenge (2600)

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