10. Breakout

in all its forms (Breakout 2000 for Jaguar,
Breakout for 2600, Super Breakout for 2600 and 5200)
    Much like another paddle-controlled game, Kaboom!, Breakout and its variants are purely addictive and certainly the forerunners to today's addictive games like Tetris. Breakout 2000 is due out for Jaguar shortly, and while it won't have the paddle control, this new 3D version of an old classic rounds out my list by incorporating the past, present and the future.
9. Galaga
    Just like Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga is a game that was decent on the 2600, but very good on the 7800. If I had only three cartridges for the 7800, Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga and Joust would certainly be those three.
8. Battlemorph
(Jaguar CD/Atari)
    Surprise! Yes, how could we leave off a game from the very last Atari console, the Jaguar CD? The thing about it is, if Battlemorph was a well-hyped PlayStation game, it would certainly be a best-seller. With so many planets, and so much gameplay to go with some fantastic underwater graphics/sounds, Battlemorph has no problem making my top 10.
7. Ms. Pac-Man
    Every top 10 list should have some version of Pac-Man in there, and while I wavered between the inclusion of 5200 Pac-Man and 7800 Ms. Pac-Man, in the end, the lady gets her way. Sure, the 2600 version is incredible compared to 2600 Pac-Man, but the 7800 version is an excellent arcade conversion.
6. Adventure
    There's something magical about Adventure. No matter how many times you play it, you just don't get bored. The random placement of objects, and the fun of finding the secret dot keep you coming back for more. Now if only the dot were randomly placed... ;)
5. Kaboom!
    Similar to Golf, Kaboom! is one of those simple titles that just makes you want to try it over and over, always thinking you can improve your score from the last time. My favorite Kaboom! moment: Hitting 3,000 for the first time!
4. Golf
    A title that won't make many people's top 10 lists, but it is still the game I play most on my 2600. The little nuances built into the game (like figuring out exactly how to chip in for eagle on the Par Five 2nd hole) still make it fun for me every time out.
3. Joust
(Lynx/Beyond Games)
    An excellent arcade conversion that betters the good 7800 version and the poor 2600 version of Joust. One of the best reasons to own a Lynx.
2. Pitfall!
    The original platformer; the inspiration for several sequels (Pitfall II, The Mayan Adventure, Pitfall 3D), but the original is still the best.
1. Tempest 2000
    It's the game that sold me on the Jaguar, and one of the best shooters ever made as far as I'm concerned.

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