• My first taste of Atari was way back in the early 80's, when I wasn't even in kindergarten yet (I'm 21, so...). My parents got me Video Pinball and a 2600. Needless to say, I couldn't get enough games. Time went by, and so did Atari, and then I discovered the 7800 back in '92 when a friend showed me his. So I bought the thing from him along with all his games. :) I played it out, then graduated to a Lynx later that year, playing Tournament Cyberball until I could no longer breathe. When I heard about the Jaguar, I had to have one. Surely enough, I had one of the first Jaguars made in the first run. And it's been love at first sight ever since... This ranking is not based on gameplay, but my personal opinion. :) In no particular order, here are my top 10 Atari games of all time...

    10. Laser Blast

      I played this game for days on end when my parents got it for me. There was just something about shooting little orange that got me hooked.
    9. Street Racer & Outlaw (tie)
      Because I beat my cousins at it time and time again at it.
    8. Cybermorph
      This game, when I first saw its screens, I literally could not sleep for about a week in 1993. I was addicted and I hadn't even got my hands on the game yet! When I did, though, I couldn't stop playing and showing it off to my friends for months after...
    7. Tournament Cyberball
      After almost destroying the local arcade standup during a heated game with my brother, I decided it was time to get the portable version. And peace reigned the land once more...
    6. Aliens Vs. Predator
      Oh my God! Make the nightmares stop! Even at 16-17 years old, this game frightened the hell out of me if played without the lights on. The ONLY game that's ever done that to me. That commands respect.
    5. Video Pinball
      What, just because I've been on the same game for about four hours you think you can't beat me?
    4. Tempest 2000
      Minter, you are a God in the videogame realm. This game alone got about 5 Jaguars sold by me after they were convinced this game was the next best thing to sliced bread. And the techno soundtrack isn't shabby, either. ;) It got me hooked to the arcade version of Tempest, if you can believe that!
    3. Warbirds
      You're kidding that this game is on a portable video game system. Seriously, it looked better than most flight sims on ANY system at the time of its release.
    2. Wolfenstein 3-D
      This version is better than any version in existence, as far as I am concerned. One of the best game conversions I have ever seen. It even convinced Id that this system was a contender...
    1. Space Invaders
      "Chik Chik Chik Chika Chik" went the screen as my eyes stared, bloodshot, affixed to the television which beheld this wonder. 100+ versions of a single game of which even one was too much for me. I played day and night, rain or shine, until I finally got that pesky UFO flying high above the playing field.

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