10. Star Trek

    I am a Trekker, so of course this would be on my list.  It was a great port of the arcade version and had that wicked card you slipped onto the joystick.  It was awesome when you would complete a mission and the Star Trek theme would play with the scrolling color rainbow!  Pure excitement!!!
9. Stargunner
    A pretty Defender-ish game, more like Defender than what Atari ported.  You don't scroll, but just stay on one screen zapping enemies that just keep coming for more.  Wish I still had this one, but gave it away 10 years ago with my first 2600.  If anyone has an extra...
8. The Earth Dies Screaming
(20th Century Fox/2600)
    Another space shooter, but the incredibly great graphics on a 2600 just couldn't be beat!  It was a forward view game (like Star Raiders), and your gun turrets would automatically adjust for whatever enemy you had to lock on to. Another game I gave away.  Stupid me!!!
7. Jr. Pac-Man
    Just got this one from a liquidator. I'm hooked! Even better than Ms. Pac Man, in that the play field is so big you need to scroll the screen.  The extra challenges are the bouncing toys can destroy the power pellets and enhance the regular dots you eat.  A zillion times better than Pac-Man. If only it was a 2 player game.
6. Millipede
    I liked this game much better than Centipede because there is so much to it.  The DDT tanks, slo-mo inchworms, etc. make this a highly addictive and satisfying game.  The reason I bought a trackball years ago was just for this game.
5. Yar's Revenge
    My 17 year old brother in law thought I was nuts buying a 21 year old game system.  You see, he was weaned on the NES, the Genesis, my SNES, etc.  That was until he played Yar's Revenge.  We have competitions when he comes over and he once beat me (by 300 points).  This is a  perfect game and still obviously holds appeal. Timeless.
4. Asteroids
(2600 & 7800/Atari)
    I had some friends over who used to play Atari when younger (We are all in our early 30's) and we cranked up Asteroids on the 2600.  I actually prefer the 2600 version over the arcade, as it is a lot more colorful and has lots of options.  The 7800 version has stunningly 3D like graphics that NO ONE can top! Awesome!
3. Adventure
    Still can't get that stupid Easter Egg to work, but I'll keep trying.  Who cares if the dragons look like giant ducks and you are a square?  I never saw anything like this before I played it 16 years ago.  You actually journey in this mythical kingdom in side your TV set.  Today, we take it for granted, but back then It was different. Like Yar's Revenge, this is a timeless classic.
2. Pitfall
    Like Adventure, a first.  It sets the way for all other side scrolling games afterward.  The alligators and scorpians are horrible to try to get by, but when you start getting those treasures, it is all worth it.  Activision had some great games and this one for me was the best.  I'm glad that the included it in their "Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure" cart for the SNES.  Looks cheesy now, but it's a beautiful game.
1. Tempest 2000
    Rock and Roll! Tempest was one of my favorite arcade games and I own the SNES and Microsoft versions of it.  This is wild!  It is a logical and great update of the classic while keeping a feel of the game.  Power ups and special abilities (Jump enabled is a great feature) make this a must have in anyones Jag collection.  It lives up to the hype!  EAT ELECTRIC DEATH!

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