• Here's my own personal top ten list:

    10. Pong

    (Original Pong Console/Atari)
      I have to mention this because it was the first computer game I ever played, on a friends black & white telly...bloody years & years ago! I remember just looking in amazement at that little white dot jumping about on the set while my mates argued over who was going to be next...I've bought Pong a couple of years back for my old Sega Mega Drive...its been played my nephew! But I thought it was wonderfuuuuullll back then.
    9. Dig Dug
      Great game, I got the cart in a swap for a Black Sabbath album with a school friend...I definitely came out on top.
    8. Missile Command
      Spent millions (ish) of hours playing this in a local chip shop.. mmmmmmmm......excellent game.....excellent healthy food (he he :-)......
    7. Pole Position
    (2600, Atari ST/Atari)
      I really was Michael Schumacher.......erm well it was probably....... erm.......Graham Hill at the time...come on you all remember him.....don't ya!! he he!!
    6. Scrapyard Dog
    (Lynx, Atari ST/Atari)
      Many hours sitting playing this stoopid game.......ahhhhhh! great, my little nephew now plays it all the time and thinks its state of the art!!.........oh well, to be a kid again....
    5. Lemmings
    (Lynx, Atari ST/Activision)
      Neat...I Love....need I say more, I don't think so.....
    4. Centipede
    (Arcade, Atari ST/Atari)
      Great game...I still actually really like going on holiday and finding one of these really behind the times arcades...and just filling the machine with my 10p's.......CLASSIC
    3. Prince Of Persia
    (Atari ST/Atari)
      OK so I don't think this was actually on a Atari console (I could be wrong?) but somebody at school (mid 80's) gave me a very crappy looking Atari 520 ST...and told me "you can have this" to which I replied, "wow wicked thanks !!" and strolled away thinking wot a prat the guy was.....he then shouted " It don't work anyway"... but I just carried on did work and a friend, gave me POP on a floppy.....and we spend the next 2 weeks...addicted to this piece of classic stuff ! I still love it....was it ever on the LYNX?? I wish!
    2. Paperboy
    (Arcade, Atari ST/Atari)
      Again I never had it on a cart, but I was totally addicted to it on my newer Atari 1040 ST, phew! technology!!
    1. Space Invaders (2600, Arcade/Atari)
      OK..sorry! but for me this is just THE my teenage years, I spent a fortune in my local chip shop on their Invaders cabinet...and then I bought about 6/7 carts (2600) because, me and mates would just play and then trash em, then have to buy another...jeez ! A TRUE CLASSIC.... I've recently downloaded an emulation on my PC and still play sad is that!!!
  • Sorry if I went on a bit, but hey...this was my life at the time!!
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