• I was and still am a fanatic about video games. They are a great source of relaxation for me and seeing your site was like a dream come true. I spend a lot of time thinking about the past, and I hope you'll print my top ten as a tribute to a machine I spent hours of my childhood with.

    10. Pac-Man

      I used to sit up night after night trying to get over 1000 points. I was pretty sure that it made me Pac champion of the world.
    9. Boxing
      Activision's simulator was a breakthrough at the time because it showed similar movement around a boxing ring and essentially it was more of a contest with the clock -- try to knowck the computer out before the time ran out. A real adrenaline surger.
    8. Asteroids
      An A1 version of the arcade game, far superior in graphic quality. It used to trip me out when my aunt would make the ship disappear.
    7. Air-Sea Battle
      This was to me basically a hockey game with guns; how many hits we could get before each "period" was over.
    6. Ice Hockey
      Although primitive by today's standards, this was another game we could sit up for hours beating each other up. We were battling for the Stanley Cup!!
    5. Swordquest Series
      Was my first taste of real role playing, it was cool how it had all the little games underneath the big game. I never understood its purpose -- it was just a little man running around.
    4. E.T.
      I never understood this one as well, but when E.T. used to fall into what looked like a toilet, it gave me a lot of laughs because he would magically lift himself out of the toilet.
    3. Donkey Kong Jr.
      This game was my first taste of the company known as Nintendo. I thought all the little snapjaws were cool.
    2. Keystone Kapers
      Hands down the greatest cops & robbers game in history. It was cool to take the escalators and catch the bad guy right at the top floor of the building.
    1. Combat
      This game was alot of fun. My brother and I used to pretend to be in the army trying to see who would rule the world.

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