• A few notes first:

    Nothing for the Lynx in my top ten. I never could get into the system.

    Same for the Jag. I really wanted to like this system. I remember hearing about it, and working at Sega thinking "Now, we're in trouble", but when the first 5-10 games came out, and I got to experience some of the worst games ever made, I lost faith in the system and up until recently didn't give it a second look.

    10. Breakout

      Arguably not as good as Super Breakout, but it got a LOT more play from me than SB did. Primarily because when SB came out, I was sick of playing this type of game (I could practically play Breakout without looking) and wasn't excited by the minor changes that were made.
    9. Pitfall!
      Yet another Activision game. I honestly don't know what it is about this title I like. It's probably the most repetitive game on my list, but I played it to death when I got it new back when it was released.
    8. Demon Attack
      I never was good enough to get to the black screen, but this game still had me hooked for months!
    7. Ballblazer
      I was blown away by the colors in this game when I first played it, and it had me hooked for a while. Then, I found a friend that was into the game, and it got THAT much better.
    6. River Raid
      Another great Activision title.
    5. Q*Bert
    (2600/Parker Brothers)
      I know this wasn't a great conversion of the arcade game, but I got it for Easter one year, and it didn't leave my 2600 for months. Completely fun, especially since I never played the arcade game before I played the 2600 version.
    4. H.E.R.O.
      Even though it's a bit repetitive, this is still one heck of a game, and probably Activision's best game.
    3. Warlords
      Changed the face of multi-player gaming. There still haven't been many games that are this fun to play with 3 other players.
    2. Yar's Revenge
      Arguably, one of the best games ever made. Completely new concept and totally addicting gameplay.
    1. Circus Atari
      The game that single-handedly changed my life and love from the Fairchild to the Atari 2600. Completely addicting, fast paced fun.

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